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I Hate My Teenage Daughter (FOX) - Series Premiere: Synopsis and Review

Updated on April 3, 2013

‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter’ is a traditional multi camera sitcom airing on Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on FOX.

Annie Watson (Jaime Pressly, ‘My Name Is Earl’) and her best friend Nikki Miller (Katie Finneran) were never very popular when they were in High School. Annie comes from a very strict conservative family, where she couldn’t watch TV, listen to the radio, or go to a school dance. Also, she had to wear clothes that her mother made for her. Nikki was overweight and unpopular when she was growing up, but she is now trying to be a Southern Belle.

When the principal of their daughters’ High School tells them that Sophie (Kristi Lauren; Annie’s daughter) and Mackenzie (Aisha Dee; Nikki’s daughter) have locked up a disabled boy in the bathrooms, they start to realize that their daughters have turned into the mean and manipulative girls that bullied Annie and Nikki all those years ago. Therefore, they decide they have to put a halt to things; Sophie and Mackenzie get grounded, which means they cannot go to the school dance. Of course, that is not really appreciated.

The cast, including Jaime Pressly, Katie Finneran and Kevin Rahm
The cast, including Jaime Pressly, Katie Finneran and Kevin Rahm | Source

In the mean time, the girls’ fathers aren’t helping a great deal either, Annie’s ex Matt (Eric Sheffer Stevens) is never around, and Nikki’s ex Gary (Chad Coleman, ‘The Wire’) isn’t stepping up either. The only man that seems to be concerned with the well-being of Annie, Nikki and their daughters is Jack (Kevin Rahm, ‘Desperate Housewives’), who is Matt’s hot shot lawyer brother and romantic interest of Annie.

Remember ‘How To Be A Gentleman’? Well, I imagined this one to be even worse. However, it’s not. Granted, it is not really a top notch show; it is rather cheesy at some points. Still, it’s quite an entertaining show, given there is nothing better on. If you liked, say, ‘According to Jim’ or ‘King of Queens’, then ‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter’ might be something you want to watch.

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