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I Just Love Music, yo!

Updated on August 1, 2009

That's Meee :)

Some people say they don't really listen to music or just aren't very interested in it... When I hear that, I can't believe it. It doesn't register in my mind. Like, how can you NOT love music? It's one of the greatest things in the world. I LOVE MUSIC. IT'S PRATICALLY MY LIFE. I couldn't live without it.

I've been writing since the age of age. I was in band and played clarinet from 5th-8th grade. I've been playing guitar for 2 years this past June. Anyone who knows me personally can tell you that I always have headphones in my ears, cause most of the time I do.

I listen to all kinds of music. My favorite artist is Secondhand Serenade. I think the music of John Vesely (Secondhand Serenade) is just amazing. I am listening to him as I write this. I love old music, too. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones rock, dontcha think? Oh, and metal? Wooo! I love rockin' out to like, KoRn or Disturbed. And you have just GOT to hear Green Jelly's metal version of "Three Little Pigs".

Eventually, I plan to put up some vids of me playing some stuff, but for now, well you'll just have to wait. I wish nothing more than to pursue a career with my music. I'm not being conceited, but I'd say that my music definitely could be good enough. Maybe I'll get some lyrics up here soon, too. I don't actually have any saved on the computer at the moment.

Music's not dead. It's never going to die. I wish more than anything to impact the world through my own music. I write so much music. I literally have over 30 songs that I have written. Well, 30 out of so many that I actually kept and decided to use.

My favorite song that I've ever written is called "Roller Coaster". It was written shortly before leaving Ron forever. And it was before I understand that my mom was trying to get help. The chorus reads:

"My life seems to be a roller coaster,

with all these ups and downs

I can see how my life has been life

with all these turn arounds

I can tell when the ride dips low

with all these screaming fights

but I must be invisible

as I watch this movie before me"

What do you think? I dunno, I just love those lyrics. And I'm proud to say I wrote them at the age of 12.

My dad as always been the one to encourage me when it comes to my music. He was the one who got me started and I can never thank him enough for it. Before I could play guitar, he was the one who put music to my lyrics. And we've made some pretty good music, too. I'll never forget the night we wrote the song "Different". Oh man, was that a night. It kinda... sucks that he was intoxicated at the time, but it's still a good memory. One minute, we were just jammin' on guitar and me on clarinet and the next I was singing lyrics. I was singing about someone being different and why do they to be when everyone else likes them the way the already were. And you know what? The song was never specifically about anyone. When I started to get to the end of the song I used my sister as an example, but besides that, I dunno where those lyrics came from. All I do know, is that it's one rockin' song that sounds pretty cool.

Those Special Songs.

You know how sometimes, there are just those songs (or artists)... the ones you never get tired of that you can listen to no matter mood your in?

Some of those songs or artists for me would have to be...

1. The Almost

2. I Miss You - Blink 182

3. Secondhand Serenade

4. Make-up Smeared Eyes - Automatic Loveletter

5. Landslide - Fleetwood Mac

...and lots more, trust me. That's just what I can think of off the top of my head. Like right now, I'm listening to this girl do one amazing cover of Paramore. I love hearing other people do amazing covers. and when people I know personally write their own songs, I love hearing them.

Like my friend, who'll we'll call A, is one amazing guitar player. You know that song "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" or "Dancing in the Moonlight" or... "Sister Golden Hair"? My friend, A, can do those songs sooo well, it makes me wonder why my covers never sound that good...

But then I'm always reminded that people like hearing my original stuff more. I've always tried so hard NOT to be the artist whose songs were all about love and I hate to say that lately they have been and I'm kinda dissappointed with myself for it. I'm not saying that the songs aren't good, I just gotta get outta this habit before it really becomes a habit, you know? I guess it's just that it's easy to write about love. And it really is.

Secondhand Serenade aka John Vesely
Secondhand Serenade aka John Vesely

Favorite Artists.

I always have a favorite artist. Right now, it's Secondhand Serenade. Who actually, is one person. John Vesely! I've actually been in love with his music for a while. I'm sure most of you know his song, Fall For You, but honestly he has way better songs! LIke "Stranger" is a great song. Or... "Tested and True"

But anyway, acoustic stuff is definitely my type which is one reason I love his music. Though I hate to admit all his songs are love songs. But I think it's cute that he writes all these songs like, for his wife I believe.

See, I'm the kind of person who tries to learn every single thing about an artist just because they're my favorite. I don't know when his birthday is. I don't know how old he is. He has two or three albums. I think 2. I don't know his favorite color, number, song he wrote, artist or any of that. I listen to his music. I'd love to meet him. See him in concert. But why would I wanna freak him out by acting all creepy and being like, your birthday is June 12 right??? Like um... weirdo!

When I and if I ever meet my favorite artists I want them to see that I love their music. And that I'm not some creeper who tries to find out everything about them. I'm there to meet them to talk to them about their music and the things they've accomplished. Not stupid crap, ya know?

I feel like I just ranted on and on and on... Oops? I think another song that I absolutely love is "You Were Meant For Me" by Jewel. Y'all should take a listen. :)

And maybe I should learn it. Stil workin on the vids thing.

talk to ya later,



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