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I Love Daenerys, but I Don't Support Her Claim to the Iron Throne

Updated on August 17, 2017
Ninna Adriano profile image

Ninna delights in everything Game of Thrones, good or bad. She'd love nothing more than to geek out with you, so, feel free to reach out.

Heads up, fellas! THIS MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS UNTIL SEASON 7 EPISODE 5. Be reminded in case you have not caught up yet.

Daenerys has obviously been receiving a lot of hate online, especially during season 7. As someone who has loved her resiliency as a woman from the very start, I have always come to her defense, and I still will. Always.

I get that people find her too entitled to step down from her ivory tower now. She has become this dictator masquerading as someone who liberates the oppressed. The Targaryen tyrannical tendencies are etched in her blood. She is no different from her father, most of you would believe, especially after the train loot attack.

Daenerys in Battle of the Bastards
Daenerys in Battle of the Bastards | Source

I do not blame nor hate you if you see Dany as nothing but merely another mad Targaryen ruler. Aerys II the Mad King did unspeakable things during his reign, after all. It is hard not to judge a daughter by her father's sins.

But more importantly, I do not blame you for not liking her because this is exactly what the showrunners would want you to feel. We need to establish that doubt. We need to be reminded why Robert ousted the Targaryens from centuries of power in the first place, or else it is just all going to be that easy for Dany's character arc. We cannot be too forgiving and trusting just because this supposed heir, now considered a foreign invader, freed slaves and brought justice in some cities. It is all but a part of her character development. *cue ~started from the bottom now we here~*

Okay, too apologist, I guess? Anyway, I am not here to talk you out of hating her. I love Dany, she is a Queen to me, but I do not support her claim to the Iron Throne. I bet you are all lauding now, huh? But... Here are 3 reasons:

1. She's a revolutionary, not a monarch.

Remember that scene in 7x03, The Queen's Justice episode, when Cersei was trying to win the support of the Iron Bank by convincing Tycho that Dany's trouble— a revolutionary and not a monarch?

As much as I hate to be in agreement with Cersei, she is right. I do not find Dany to have the full capacity to rule the Seven Kingdoms as a true-blooded Targaryen. Let us be real here, Daenerys supporters or not, we all know by now that she could easily fall and lean towards her mad tendencies. When things do not go her way, her quick resolve lies in one word: DRACARYS.

The thing is, Dany is temperamental. She has this unshakable confidence that she can now get anything she wants. When things do not go as planned, it is just easy and feels right to burn everything and everyone alive. If I have 3 full-grown dragons, superior armies in the shape of the Unsullied and the Dothrakis who swear to fight until their last breath in my honor, and powerful allies from noble families... I would feel the same.

Daenerys and Tyrion in The Winds of Winter
Daenerys and Tyrion in The Winds of Winter | Source

Given this, she is in constant need of supervision and good counsel. Without voices of reason like Tyrion or even Jon by her side, she would be ruling over ashes in no time. I do not know if it is just because she is starting out and did not get a chance at formal education, but at this point, I do not deem her to be the perfect fit to rule the Seven Kingdoms. It is safe to say that she still has a lot to learn.

She might have been born to rule, but she has not— at least not yet— been bred to rule.

Dany, once you are able to control your temper and have mastered your irrational tendencies, then we can talk.

2. Jon's rightful claim to the Iron Throne is the strongest.

ICYMI (all thanks to Sam for interrupting the biggest reveal of not just season 7 but of the whole series), Prince Rhaegar and Lyanna got married. This means that Jon is NOT the bastard of just anyone; he is the legitimate, only living son of Rhaegar and Lyanna.

(If you are in doubt, well... Remember, this is Game of Thrones we are talking about. They would not spoon-feed us with information. We would have to watch as closely and as carefully as possible. This is the most explicit they could get at revealing Jon's parentage. So, if you are waiting for them to directly expose and explain that detail by detail onscreen, save yourself the trouble. They would never do that in their scripts.)

Daenerys and Jon in Eastwatch
Daenerys and Jon in Eastwatch | Source

Rhaegar, as the eldest son of Aerys II, is next in line to the hierarchy. He was already a Prince before Robert's Rebellion. In hierarchical monarchy, Rhaegar's son is the immediate next-of-kin at the unfortunate events of his and his father's death. This means that with Jon's Targaryen blood, he supersedes all claims to the Iron Throne. Only in the absence of a legitimate son or a daughter can Rhaegar's siblings Viserys and Dany have a claim to the Iron Throne. It is not that Dany's claim is completely invalid, especially when everyone believes that she is the last of the Targaryens, but it is superseded.

To give you a perfect example, remember the War of the Five Kings? Joffrey was next in line because he was believed to be Robert's legitimate son. However, because he does not really have Robert's blood, the rightful claims of Stannis and Renly were the strongest.

Also, remember when Tommen became the King? Joffrey did not have legitimate offsprings, so his younger brother is technically his next-of-kin. Cersei rising up to the absence of a King when Tommen jumped off the window is a story for another time.

It cannot get any more complicated than this. That is why missing out on Gilly's implied reveal can make or break your Game of Thrones experience. But hey, we are all in this together! So, no worries!

Strictly speaking, for this reason, I cannot really change my mind about not supporting Dany's claim. At least not yet.

3. I don't think anyone will end up seated on the Iron Throne.

Jon is the most rightful heir, the most rightful and the most suitable ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, but does he want to be?

Time and again, Jon has stressed that he does not care about the Iron Throne nor any seat of power. All he cares about is protecting the people, which truly makes him a great leader of this generation. He will always be out there, fighting to death for the good of his people.

So, Dany is not fit to rule... and Jon does not want to rule... who, then, shall govern over the Seven Kingdoms? I will let you in to a theory I hold on to: no one will sit on the Iron Throne.

King's Landing in The Winds of Winter
King's Landing in The Winds of Winter | Source

"'No one'... you mean Arya?"

That's really observant, but no. I meant literally no one.

Once the war against the Night King has been won and the Lannisters have finally paid their debts in full, primarily under the union and leadership of Jon and Dany, the long night shall come to an end and peace shall dawn on the Seven Kingdoms. When this happens and after everything that has, I would like to believe that Dany will have long been off her high horse. The Iron Throne and who sits on it will be deemed immaterial.

I know it all sounds too idealistic, but I would want to see the Iron Throne abolished to signify the dawn of new-found hope and peace brought by this formidable alliance of House Lannister, House Stark, and House Targaryen— respectively represented by Tyrion, Jon, and Dany. I live to see this happen, symbolizing the beginning of a new era— an era of all things past remaining in the past, and of all things present building up one nation and progressing towards a hopeful future.

So... What D'ya Think...

Whether you are a Dany hater or supporter, you surely are rooting for someone to sit on the Iron Throne and win the Game of Thrones. Who is it and why? Do you think he or she has a strong claim? Let me know on the comment section below!

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    • Joseph Lawrence profile image

      Joseph Lawrence 

      15 months ago from New York, New York

      Whether she has a legitimate claim or not, I don't think she's fit. When she burned those men, that was a huge red flag.

    • Rahu Dev profile image

      Rahu Dev 

      15 months ago

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