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I Love The Real Ghostbusters

Updated on November 15, 2010

I have always loved cartoons and The Real Ghostbusters have always been my all time favorites. Here, I am talking about the original "The Real GhostBusters" cartoon series (not the "Extreme GhostBusters" one) which is basically an American animated television series built on the 1984 film Ghostbusters. The series ran on Fox television from year 1986 to 1991, and was produced by Columbia Pictures Television, DiC Entertainment and Coca-Cola.

The well popular animated series used to display the adventures of four scientists and paranormal investigators named Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore, Dr. Ray Stantz, their secretary Janine Melnitz and their mascot ghost Slimer, who all live in an old fire house at New York.

Let me introduce you to the characters here:

1) Dr. Egon Spengler: Egon Spengler is a blonde, tall, lanky, bespectacled and a weird member of the team who takes the responsibility to do all the major theoretical framework, design and strategies required for their paranormal/quantum studies and expeditions. He is considered to be extremely brainy and unusually addicted to science. He is the inventor of majority of their Ghostbusters' equipment along with the help of another team member Raymond Stantz, thus making him the brains of the Ghostbusters. He loves to talk in technical jargons and abnormal scientific terms, which usually get transmitted overhead by his team members (and the viewers too), unless being interpreted by Raymond Stants. Egon Spengler fancies a weird hairstyle (you can check that in the pic), and loves to spend time in his research work over paranormal phenomena and Slimer (their friendly, slimy ghost) as well. He is considered as cute by most of the females in the show and also acts as an object of affection for the team's official secretary Janine Melnitz.

2) Dr. Peter Venkman: He was born in Brooklyn, New York and is one of three doctors of parapsychology on the ghostbusters team. He holds PhD's in both parapsychology and psychology, though he doesn't like to use his knowledge and education much. Dr. Venkman is the most sarcastic and funny character of all. He is also the one who causes troubles most of the times because of his tendency to act on instincts impulsively, and being messy. He is witty in his behaviors and quite shrewd, which he seems to have inherited from his father (according to certain episodes). He loves money and woman. Peter Venkman exhibits true characters of leadership as well. In most of their expeditions he serves as the front man for the group. He is much social and practical than other members, can talk well and handles uneasy situations with people. He loves to be in the limelight. He dreams to own various awards and be more publicly renowned and wealthy person. He hates slimer, and keeps on threatening to shut him in a four dimensional gate every now and then.

3) Winston Zeddemore: Winston Zeddemore was a construction worker prior to joining the Ghostbusters. He is quite simple and religious man. Loves to be with the team, and takes care of each member. Even though Zeddemore doesn't possess any background in paranormal studies and psychology, and initially never believed in the existence of the paranormal, he went ahead in accepting the existence of ghosts and the supernatural with his life as being a Ghostbuster. He loves his Ecto-1 to the core, and can not tolerate any harm done to it. Obviously, he is the primary driver of Ecto-1.

4) Dr. Ray Stantz: A genius with the heart of a kid. He has an expertise on paranormal history and metallurgy, and uses his knowledge and skills in developing many of their equipments. He has an almost childlike enthusiasm for his work, and loves to work on his expeditions on paranormal activities. He is also one of the most learned person in the group, who not only possesses the knowledge about science and their related domain, but on other facts and historical or mythological data as well. He can easily explain all the technical and paranormal phenomena, though sometimes he overdoes in doing that. He loves to eat donuts and sleeps with the toy of "Stay Puff Marshmallow man" ghost. Ray, along with Egon, is also responsible for activating the Ghostbusters' theories and organizing and developing the equipment they use for catching and containing ghosts.

5) Janine Melnitz: Janine Melnitz is the official secretary of the Ghost buster team. She loves to spend her time with slimer, apart from attending phone calls for the ghost busting business. She also romantically fancies Dr. Egon Spengler. She is shown extremely girly in her character and loves to wear loud, blocky jewelry and a mini-skirt at work. Though, many times she had been forced to wear the ghost buster uniform and a proton pack, to continue with the ghost busting activity as and when needed. In one of the episodes, Janine was also shown quite vulnerable and prone to paranormal manipulation, in order to attract Egon Spengler (later she got saved by Egon, and they both spent a romantic evening together). Janine possesses a sharp, sarcastic sense of humor and has been also well known to make jokes about the Ghostbusters, but most of the time she usually gels well with Ray and Winston, and enjoys quite a bickering conversation with Peter Venkman.

6) Slimer: Slimer is a ghost that got along with the Ghostbusters in one of their expeditions. Slimer is translucent green blob creature, has two skinny arms, no legs, feet or torso, and comes up with several chins. He is a glutton and loves to eat food, can eat anything and everything constantly. Ray, Winston and Janine are particularly quite friendly with slimer and love him, even though he keeps on creating mess everywhere around him because of his thick slime that gets stuck to anywhere he touches. Egon likes to keep slimer for his research work, and Peter Venkman simply hates slimer.

Ecto 1

Peter Venkman had been my all time favorite character in the series. I liked Janine too, especially when she confronts with Peter Venkman, and displays her affection for Egon Spengler.

Special equipments used by the ghost busters include the following:

1) Containment Unit: A four dimensional place that is used to trap all captured ghosts.

2) Ghost trap: A smaller containment unit, which is handy and constitutes a part of their ghost busting kit. It is used to catch the ghosts and trap them. From these traps, the ghosts are later transferred to the containment unit.

3) PKE Unit: An instrument used by Egon Spengler to detect any paranormal activity around their vicinity. The unit also tells the "Class" of the ghost, which can range from 1(weakest) to 8(strongest).

4) Ecto 1: Their limo style car, with a weird siren and a red head light. Ecto 1 is quite advanced and comes up with its own PKE unit to detect any paranormal behavior around.

5) Proton pack: The most important part of their ghost busting unit. They are basically like guns, which eject proton beams to attack the ghosts and immobilize them. Once immobilized, the ghosts can be trapped using the ghost trap.

Apart from above mentioned equipments, ghost busters keep on inventing and using various other gadgets according to their needs, e.g. Ecto 2, which is two seater mini copter to fly and chase the ghosts that can fly high.

The Real Ghostbusters


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