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I Love the 90's

Updated on December 17, 2009

Is it me, or does it seem like everyone nowadays is trying to re-create the 90's? I always assumed the 90’s were my favorite musical decade because that’s what I grew up listening to, but now everywhere I look, kids are wearing converse sneakers and flannels, Forever 21 now sells Nirvana T-shirts, hell there are even new spin-off’s of 90210 and Melrose Place. Everyone must too busy updating checking their iPhones and updating their “statuses” to think of anything new.

On the other hand, the 90’s were pretty kick-ass, and I don’t mean it in a narcissistic “my decade is better than your decade” way. Think about it: who is this generation’s Kurt Cobain? Because if it’s Nickelback or Justin Timberlake, then God help us all.

90’s rock gods like Cobain, Vedder and Cornell made it cool to hate your parents and dress like a lumberjack. Radiohead created genius. Shirley Manson rocked thigh-highs and Mary Jane’s like nobody’s business. Then of course, there were the 90’s one-hit wonders- Spacehog, 4-Non Blondes, Crash Test Dummies, Tracy Bonham, Marcy Playground… the two-hit wonders- Toadies, Days of the New, Sponge, Veruca Salt… and of course, the ones that died before they were given proper recognition- Blind Melon, Sublime, Jeff Buckley, the list goes on.

But what I really miss the most are the goddamn music videos. Remember the warm and tingly feeling you’d get inside when Alicia Silverstone hopped into Liv Tyler’s convertible and tossed her catholic school uniform out the window?

Which brings me to my next subject: 90’s flicks. It’s like the entire music scene took over the movie world, too: Clueless, Empire Records, Singles, Reality Bites, Mad Love. Does the image of Winona Ryder dancing in 711 ever pop in your head when “My Sharona” comes on the radio? Or Liv Tyler dancing on a rooftop to Gin Blossoms “Til I hear it from you”? And how hot was Drew Barrymore with her short blonde/black hair, rocking out to L7 in her baby doll dress? And Angelina Jolie as a lesbian model/psych ward patient? Enough said.

Even TV was great, so great that the producers of 2009 have decided to cause Aaron Spelling to roll over in his grave by bringing back all his old shows (although I have to admit, I do watch them, even though the old ones were much better. No man of today will ever compare to Dylan McKay.) Back before reality TV took over the world, we actually had good fictionalized shows, My So-Called Life, Dawson’s Creek, Models, Inc. (90210 and Melrose go without saying).

At least now we have Youtube to access the greatness of the grunge era.

Long live the 90’s.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      How could you write a hub about the nineties and not mention the Spice Girls at least once?

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 

      7 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      That's an interesting point you make about Kurt Cobain. I hope there isn't anyone who directly follows his career path. Since times and music have changed, I don't think that's going to happen anytime soon. Interesting Hub.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Man, the 90s were so much better than today, both with the music and the movies. I also miss being able to watch all my favorite alternative rock bands on MTV as a teenager, back when MTV actually played videos, and I miss hearing them on the radio. In my opinion, the early and mid 1990s were the best time for rock music. Nowadays you have crap like Nickelback and other rock bands trying to sound like them flooding the radio waves. I also hope Chad Kroeger (Nickelback's singer) doesn't become this new generation's Kurt Cobain.

    • Megavitamin profile image


      8 years ago

      You and I share a love for Dylan McKay and My so-called Life. Amazing!

    • fishskinfreak2008 profile image


      9 years ago from Fremont CA



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