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I Robot -- Would Asimov Approve?

Updated on February 28, 2012
Will Smith in I Robot
Will Smith in I Robot

The Nuts and Bolts

I don't think I've yet to see an Isaac Asimov story successfully brought to film. With the exception of Fahrenheit 451, I could say the same for Ray Bradbury.

Anyway, leaving behind all references to the original material, I was initially disappointed in the screen adaptation of "I Robot." To no great surprise, within a short time I forgot everything about the film. Curious to take a second look, I did so (on DVD) and found that I enjoyed the flick more sitting at home than viewing it in a movie theater.

Maybe upon a second viewing, I came into it expecting little and, therefore, wasn't nearly as disappointed. Knowing there would be almost no "heady" material, I just sat back and watched things getting thrashed around.

The FX seemed fine to me. In keeping with the lightweight material, I enjoyed Will Smith's performance much more. He has some good one-liners, and maintains an almost light-hearted demeanor throughout any catastrophe, which some may claim as campy.

I decided to purchase this DVD because I knew that in another several months or a year, I'd forget everything about the story entirely. This is fine with me because I'm not always in the mood to watch something memorable.

Maybe I'm nuts but I sometimes enjoy popping in a DVD that rings no bells, sitting back and thinking, "Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah," as if being brought to remember some half-forgotten dream of no particular significance. I find it fun. So, for those who have a short-term memory problem, go ahead and buy this film (which can be purchased for a pittance).

Would Asimov approve of the film? All we can do is make a wild guess. The film leans more heavily on fiction than on science, but Asimov never struck me a stick in the mud. He may have had reservations after viewing the movie, but I think he'd be more happy with it than disgruntled.


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