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I Took a Picture

Updated on June 28, 2011
Purple bird berries
Purple bird berries
Some pretty orange flower
Some pretty orange flower

Just Take a Picture

I took some pictures today. I went for a nature walk and found myself astounded by the beautiful images that my camera could take while just doing some light exercising. I got beautiful pictures of a turtle, some flowers, and best of all this cool spider that was suspended at nose-level right in front of me.

The oxygen that comes out from the trees, grass, and brush is refreshing and having the opportunity to relive the experience in my pictures gives me a little burst of energy that I can use to do it again. I did not even know how good I was going to be at taking pictures but the end results; those pictures, was remarkable evidence that I can take some beautiful pictures.

Here I am again, this time at the beach! I love the color of the water in the ocean and love the way the waves crash against the shore, carrying delighted children and seaweed. Taking pictures of the ocean was a great experience. I made sure that the faces of children were covered by a water spot on my picture so that I was not taking pictures of other peoples’ children, but rather the event. However the actions, the delight, and the fun were all projected well in the cute little bodies in tiny bikinis or knee-shorts drooping on the hips. The water, dripping from their innocent skin gave me, a mother myself, a warm feeling of nurturing and love.

Next time I take pictures, I want to find snow. I guess I’ll have to wait a few months for that, since it is beach weather. Another trip to the nature reserve is in my immediate future.

I just noticed how beautiful my neighborhood is. American flags flying from all the houses, and below them were Texas flags. This town; or at least the neighborhood is so patriotic! Taking pictures of this neighborhood will be fun! I can post them online like I do the others.

What is this? The police have stopped someone for a traffic stop and they have the guy sitting on the street. I wonder what that is all about? As I watched the scene I could see a very unruly driver of a car kicking and stomping at the police who are avoiding his attacks. Even though his hands are tied behind his back and he is sitting on the curb, he is still doing his best to hurt those officers. I have my handy little camera with me, and I’ll snap some pictures. I guess I’ll be confronted by those police but I think it’ll be OK since I am trying to protect them from the chance that the detained man has anything to say. But I’ll make sure that I keep these pictures for myself too. Sometimes even the police are doing the right thing, even though most of the time people record them to defend themselves against the police actions. In any event it is my right, as long as I live in Texas, to take pictures of public events, public places and my family. So far there are no laws against that, and I’m thankful.

“From the mountains, to the prairies to the oceans, white with foam” America is a picture waiting to be taken and remembered forever. Beautiful canyons, trees, windmill farms, and gulf coasts are beyond compare anywhere else in the world. Man-made and natural images should be taken by us to remember forever. Pictures are worth a thousand words and pictures we take can tell stories to us over and over again.


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