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I am looking forward to Chinese Zodiac with Jackie Chan!

Updated on October 2, 2012

I love Jackie's films


December 12, 2012

The world isn't going to end, there's more Jackie Chan films to see!!!

Come on, it's funny, you know it!

But for me, Jackie Chan's film, bring me happiness.

To sit in a theatre to see his films, I get so very excited.

I think about all the years I have watched his films,

and I can't say I have a favorite, cause I just love Jackie.

Even though I'm not a "chic flick" kind of girl, I do

like the Myth and I tend to think that there should

be a part two, where the general should get his princess.

You have to watch the film and you will understand.

Maybe not everyone will like Jackie's films, a lot,

like myself, but the man is incredible!

You see Jackie's films, and with all his

silliness and all his dynamic craziness,

it makes you laugh, cause he has put himself,

in danger so many times, all in the sake of his art.

You have to remember one thing, cause

people that don't watch action films, when

an actor like Jackie does these films, it is an

art form.

Maybe Jackie is sitting around getting all naked,

and doing kissing scenes, even though I saw,

he lost his clothes and his bum bum was exposed,

and it was funny. (Yes I used bum bum, get over it,

if your going to have a heart attack, just caused I used

the word "Bum Bum" really get over it, this is all out of fun,

since it is about Jackie Chan.)

I tend to think, that even some of Jackie's films,

children can watch it, so families also enjoy's

Jackie's films.

I think another special thing about Jackie,

it seems like he just keeps giving back and

donating to charities, so if you think about it,

you watch a Jackie Chan film, your actually

giving back yourself; in which your helping

back Jackie, to give back more.

All I hope to do, is to show, when I write, about

Jackie Chan, it just shows, my passion, for

a man I want to work with.

Jackie inspires me so much, he basically

is why I got into acting in the first place.

Ok, so I'm not Jackie Chan, but can do things

in my own way.

Jackie likes to make people laugh and I do too.

Sometimes laughter is the best medicine.

Laughter can turn your bad days, to good days,

and can turn your frown's, upside down.

If all else fails, throw on a Jackie Chan film,

and I guarantee you will smile at his silliness.

I do know the fights and stunts that Jackie

does is really, very, dangerous, and he

has broken almost every bone in his body.

It is just the fact, that Jackie has been doing

these things for so long, that he just seems to

know what he is doing.

Jackie does state, that he does always, tries

to be careful and anything he does is dangerous.

Still, I tend to think, for me personally,

I would jump off a building any day with

Jackie Chan.


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