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I created this hub for the #@$%! of it!!!

Updated on September 10, 2012

What is up! YALL!!!!

It has been a while since I have made a hub. Lets say I have been busy. With school and other things like building a new life and things like that. So I decided to make a hub just for the hell of it. I do not have any juicy information about how to drink wine or how to make money optimizing seo keywords or anything useful to the hub universe, I just wanted to make a fun hub that can take you away for a few minutes. So for the next few minutes I will ramble on about nothing and some things that I feel about this whole blogging thing here at hubpages. So if you have a moment in time to spare you are welcome to read my ramblings listen to my music videos and stare at my pretty pictures.

What I have been up to....

Over the last year I have been attending school online studying business and working. I am officially in my sophmore year, and right now I am thinking of settling with a associates instead of going for my bachleors. Right now that is a thought but when the time comes I will know for sure. Things have changed a lot for me, I am on my own for the first time in years and it feels good. I got a lot of plans for the upcoming year when it comes to vacations I got to have one are two. I am thinking about a singles cruise to anywhere, yeah something like that, may be a trip to Las Vegas, maybe both like I said I am free to roam the globe once again so it is on and popping. Right about now I am in the middle of rebuilding this life of mine. I got some work to do, work that I look forward to doing because I am the assignment and I am working on myself building a bigger and better Yon. Along with school and working I have also returned to my entrepreneurial roots and I looking forward to the journey to the top or at least the journey to a better stronger economic future. Something that is all important in this life that I'm living because I am too old to wait around for the economy and jobs to come back. But I am not going to get on that subject because that is not me.

A couple of days in the life of Bill yon....

I have reentered the game. Now I am playing to win. The game of course is business. I have tried so many things in my life time with only minor success here or there. I am not sitting on money so of course I have to start where I am at and build up to the master-plan. Right now the mission is simple make money at least make enough every week to match my pay check and start from there. So the easiest thing I could come up with was to start a junk and debris removal business. This is really a simple business to start and it does not require any loans are any complex plans or anything like that. Starting a junk and debris removal business is simple as one two three. Get a business license, buy a pick up truck, get a couple brooms and garbage cans, place and ad on craigslist, or your local classifieds, and you are in business. Just like that. I stumbled across this idea by hanging out with the old cats in my neighborhood. Hanging out drinking a couple of beers and just chilling with them. " Every man needs a pick-up truck young man." Is the words of wisdom that the old cats have blessed me with. " You see with a pick up truck you can always make a hustle." Knocking back a couple of cold ones I begin to really pay attention as these old timers begin to breakdown all the ways that they made money through out the week. They went on about moving people here and there and occasionally helping out furniture stores and other things that they called " hustles" The more beer we guzzled the more they talked the more I listened, you see these guys was retired in their mid sixties receiving retirement benefits from their jobs every month are week are how ever retirement works. My buzz is kicking in good right now and these old cats start talking about the money that they are pulling in hustling with their pick up trucks. One throws out the number " One Hundred Bucks a Day..." which caught my attention.... the other cat throws out the number ".... 2 to three hundred dollars ....a day...." All this talk about money has my ears homing in like a radar. The last old cat " they playing around with it..... I make 400 dollars a day.....After I pay the guys that help me. I haul junk and debris I started doing this as a business six months after I retired and I make more money in less time...." My ears are wide open these old cats are riding around making my weekly paycheck in one or two days.....while I work 35 to 40 hours a week to make what they a day. O.K. I hear you old timers I hear you loud and clear.

Three weeks later a scrapper is born...

That drunken converstaion with the old cats stayed on my mind. As the days passed I begin to notice the old cats running around town early in the morning with a bed full of junk. "I wonder how much that junk is worth?" I would ask myself. I began to run into all kinds of different people scrapping people I never really noticed before. Everytime I would see a pick up truck at the gas station I would go over and talk to them. And every single time my hunch was right they was scrapping. The average dollar sign being thrown out was two hundred to three hundred dollars a day. O.K. I begin to brainstorm " If these guys can make one hundred to two hundred dollars a day easily scrapping. Then I could easily make a extra thousand bucks a month that is 250 a week fifty dollars a day. Right then a scrapper was born.

The master plan

Day in an day out every time I saw a pick up truck I begin to think of money. So since I am a man of action I had to act. I took the little bit of money I had in the bank and went and purchased a pick up truck. I have two days off a week , so these would be the days that I scrapped on and what ever I ran across through the week I would put up and cash out the following week on one of my days off. My ultimate goal.... one thousand dollars a month. That shouldn't be to hard after all these guys out here are making at least one hundred dollars a day, so two hundred and fifty dollars a week should be no problem. I enter the scrapping game with my uncle as my partner every scrapper needs someone to ride with, the first day was great and really kind of easy One hundred and twenty dollars in three hours of riding around picking up junk it was a good day. The next day came and I am still exicited by the money I made the day before.

a Lesson Learned....but the mission continues

One hundred and twenty dollars scrapping on my day off very good in my opinion and now that I have made this lick, I am all in. But I have learned a very important lesson in business. You see everything that can happen will happen in business and you must be prepared for it as best you can. It seems murphy's law is riding beside me right now because I caught the double whammy of unbelievable bad luck the day after I made my first couple of dollars scrapping. The transmission in my car went to kapoots and my truck that I had just purchased with the last little bit of savings I had went kapoots as well this happened all in the same day. I do not know what is wrong with the truck for sure but my mechanic thinks it may be the timing which is going to cost a little something if it turns out that the timing is the case. The lesson I have learned from all of this is never ever spend all of your money on a plan to get started because things that you are not thinking of can happen. At the time I purchased my truck I had no idea that both my truck and car would go down in the same day. But it happened. Luckily I can walk to work. I am still moving ahead with the junk and debris hauling business so I placed my truck in the shop first and I will have it out in four to five weeks. Then I will start back scrapping and use the scrap money to fix my car. A lesson is learned and the mission continues. Hell I need the exercise anyway. Peace and I'm AUDI 5000.


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