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I love latin american soap actors

Updated on November 20, 2012

Introduction to latino actors

So what's with latino actors? they are sexy, cute, a bit arrogant, but I die for them. Contrary to our Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, etc. that star every 2 to 3 years in the big screen, these sexy latinos appear on tv every day from monday to friday and even weekends (during re-runs). I love them all, they are not only cute but also very approachable as their thousands of fans follows them at the major production studios in Mexico City (Televisa) or Miami (Telemundo, Univision, Venevision). I briefly met one of them (I can't tell you who) and had a great time just talking at the beach... anyway, here are the best latino actors that I have followed:

Cuban William Levy

William Levy appeared in Cuidado con el Angel
William Levy appeared in Cuidado con el Angel

Adorable William

Wow... Cuban William Levy has this lazy eyes... mmm, looking at close distance he is not european nor a full fledge latino, he is a mix. William was born in Cuba but immigrated to Miami when he was a teen. In 2007, William had a role in the telenovela Pasion produced by Televisa in Mexico. At Pasion, William acted closely with top actors: Sebastian Rulli and Fernando Colunga. The success of Pasion helped him obtain his first lead role in the telenovela Cuidado con el Angel (also produced by Televisa in 2008). I actually got to know him in 2010 when he took the leading role of telenovela Triunfo del Amor! He was Maximiliano Sandoval, the love of Maria Desamparada,... just adorable! His cute and adorable personality has now the attention of US Network ABC where he nows competes in Dancing with the Stars, muevelo William muevelo!

Argentinean Julian Gil

Argentinean Julian Gil stars in the telenovela Acorralada
Argentinean Julian Gil stars in the telenovela Acorralada

Bad boy Julian

Ay... Argentinean born Julian Gil is an actor of many faces. He has played in many telenovelas, my favorites: Eva Luna, La que no podia Amar and Amor Comprado. Contrary to charming boy William Levy, Julian Gil is the bad boy, the antagonist, the evil character, the bad apple, and he does it as if every character fits with his personality. Most of the time he uses his muscles and body to impersonate his roles, I love it!

Julian also spent time living in Puerto Rico and Venezuela and today he resides in Miami... I am looking forward to meet him while at the beach!

Argentinean Sebastian Rulli

Argentinean Sebastian Rulli plays a love triangule in the telenovela Rubi
Argentinean Sebastian Rulli plays a love triangule in the telenovela Rubi

Golden blond Sebastian

Also coming from Argentina is actor Sebastian Rulli, he is not the bad guy as his compatriot Julian, Sebastian is a gentleman, a mind that cares for his loved ones. I saw him first at the telenovela Rubi (2004) where he plays a love triangle with top actors: Barbara Mori, Jacqueline Bracamontes, Eduardo Santamarina and Marlene Favela... Unfortunately for me Sebastian loses his temper and Rubi's love after many struggles with the love affair. In 2005, I followed Sebastian in the telenovela Contra Viento y Marea... in this one, Sebastian fought against the wind and high tide to conquer his love, no other than Marlene Favela. I love every minute of this telenovela since Sebastian was mainly in the beach... wearing swimsuits. In 2010, Sebastian starred in the telenovela Teresa with a very similar love triangule, this time with Angelique Boyer and Aaron Diaz.

Cuban Mario Cimarro

Mario Cimarro plays a lovely soul in the telenovela El Cuerpo del Deseo
Mario Cimarro plays a lovely soul in the telenovela El Cuerpo del Deseo

Best Body Mario

Sometime ago, I watched Mario at Gata Salvaje. To be totally honest, I was turned off. For some reason Mario was just following the script or something, I do not know what happen. He is tall, handsome, everything! the total package, but he was probably following the script to the letter. Then in 2005, telenovela El Cuerpo del Deseo was released by Latino network Telemundo... I was shocked, Mario transformed himself into a highly desirable Latino lover. Maybe his acting improved because he partnered Lorena Rojas. She is cute but firm and determined, of course, she is also a beauty and they played an amazing couple. More recently you can see him acting in Los Herederos del Monte!

Chilean Cristian de la Fuente

Cristian de la Fuente stars in the telenovela Corazon Salvaje
Cristian de la Fuente stars in the telenovela Corazon Salvaje

Best Chilean Accent

This Chilean Latino has acted in many Televisa and Univision super telenovela productions. He has the looks and his sole name inspires me! The picture here is of Cristian acting on historical telenovela Corazon Salvaje, next to Eduardo Yañez and Araceli Arambura. I have also watched him in the TV series Soñar no Cuesta Nada where he partners with my favorite actress Karyme Lozano. Cristian was born in Santiago, he served in the Chilean Air Force and also studied civil engineering before embarking into his successful acting career.

What do I like about this Chileno? I love his accent, his clean and sleek face and overall, he is always smiling on TV.

Mexican Eduardo Yañez

Eduardo Yañez
Eduardo Yañez

Eduardo Being Himself

I do not know what happen with Eduardo, either fans love him or hate him for good. I love him, his friendly personality, his positive attitude and sometimes in his acting, he goes beyond the character and for some times, it looks like is really himself, like his role in la telenovela La Verdad Oculta.

My sister hates him, but well... my sister is probably not willing to learn Spanish and so, then I will keep Eduardo to myself! His best telenovela by far is Distilling Love where he impersonates a rich boy seducing the love of Angelica Rivera. I love when he takes his shirt off to work in the farm and when he is drunk trying to forget his impossible love. Mexico I am going there!

Mexican Fernando Colunga

Fernando Colunga is all passion in the telenovela Amor Real
Fernando Colunga is all passion in the telenovela Amor Real

Mexican Best Actor Colunga

Some people know him by just his last name Colunga others call him Fernando. He is by far one of the most successful actor of Latino soaps. I personally find him less attractive than the others above, but he does deliver the best performances. If you do not believe me, then you got to watch Alborada, a historical telenovela where Colunga sneaks in bed with Lucero right in the first episode. Why he does that? Because Colunga plays a renegade, the son of a rich family that is ready to explore and do in the world what he wants! But soon he will discover the consequences of his acts, and will do everything to get the love of Lucero and his unknown child. If Alborada does not convince you, go watch Amor Real, that should you the job!

I like to thing of Fernando Colunga not as the most attractive but probably as the best peformer Latino actor of our time. But for others, he is "the best looking actor and performer", just check out the actors rankings section of and you will see why.

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