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I love the Emc Monkeys, head Monkey Xin a Jackie Chan disciple

Updated on August 27, 2012

Xin, Jackie Chan Disciple/Head Monkey and EMC MONKEYS

here is XIn with Jackie Chan, in which he was one of Jackie Disciples
here is XIn with Jackie Chan, in which he was one of Jackie Disciples | Source
all the monkeys!!
all the monkeys!! | Source

I want to work with a bunch of monkeys..

Inspiration and the dynamics of all the Emc Monkeys gets me so excited!!

They have quite a few films on you tube and you can check them out, just

look them up on you tube.

I know the head monkey himself, Xin Sarith Wuku, was originally born in Cambodia,

and have trained in martial arts.

The lucky guy, got to be one of Jackie Chan's disciples, but luck really has nothing

to do with it, it was hard work and determination that got Xin where he is.

Kind of funny, I love real monkeys, and here I am talking about a bunch of great men, who are themselves, individuals, when working together in films, makes you get so excited.

These are the type of men, that REAL ACTION FILMS ARE MADE OF.

I tend to think that the EMC MONKEYS, deserve a full length feature film,

shown in the movie theatres and I would love to act with them.

Their films make me feel so alive, when I watch them, and actually

I watched a few of them, quite a few times.

They are so exciting to watch and how they bounce off each other,

throw each other around and still live to tell about it, is just exhilariting!

I hope to bring more and more attention to all of them and yes,

I'm going to learn the names to all the monkeys.

I hope that I can pronounce all their names correctly, and

even when I know all their names, even with my Bostonian Accent,

I still might sound funny saying their names, well I don't fell upset

about it, since Jackie Chan talks funny too, I feel quite normal :)

I think the Emc Monkeys bring their own element to their films,

that anybody can enjoy.

Believe me I know, that doing your own stunts and fights,

is really hard work, even with their short films.

I think all the guys are goof balls in their own way,

cause after the films, you see them fooling around,

and that shows that they have great personality.

I don't know how they run so fast, and I think

they do Parkour too, well look up Urban Ninja,

and I don't mean the fake one, but look up Xin Urban Ninja,

and you'll see him jumping off building, climbing down trees,

flipping himself in Mall's and many things.

I just can imagine how exciting it would be to do a film with them.

They probably would all wear me out and I don't know if I could

keep up with the monkeys.

Even the Emc Monkeys, introduction video about them, they

truly put alot of effort into that, and that wasn't even a film.

It truly would be an honor to someday meet Xin and all of the

Emc Monkeys and to be able to work with them,

would be a sheer delight.

I do know that if I was to ever work on set with them,

it would be no joke, cause they do slam themselves,

against the ground, each other, tables, cars, and anything.

I just wonder how may battle scars they have obtained over

the time of all the films they do.

I do hope they are all safe when they film, so they keep bringing

it more and more.

If I had a wish, I would wish for investors to help me to invest in

a big huge film with the Emc Monkeys.

I wouldn't mind be an Emc Monkey for a day, that

probably would be such an incredible experience,

I might never would forget.

In the meantime, I hope sometime as time goes on,

I can have these guys on my radio show, since I do

look up to them and have so much respect for all their hard work.

Maybe someday it will come true that I get to work with them,

cause nothing is impossible, as long as I work hard,

anything can happen :)


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