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I wonder if Heaven got a Ghetto, R.I.P Tupac 13th September 1996.

Updated on September 12, 2015

Smile for me NOW.


I wonder if Heaven got a Ghetto R.I.P Tupac Amaru Shakur.

R.I.P Tupac 13 September 1996 to Infinity.

My Thug *iggerz I love *iggerz.
From small time *iggerz to big time drug dealers.
I love *iggerz.

There some stuff you going to see the is going to make it hard to smile, but through the bull *hit you gotta keep your sense of humour.
The first strike is the worst strike.

On this day you went to thug Heaven 13th September 1996.

Thug life. Money over *itches.

Money over *itches.

*uck the police.

The United States ain't ready to have a black president. We need a black United Nations. The African Union.

A home.

A job.

A education.

A black Jesus.


Thug Life as a young *igger.

A letter to my unborn.

A letter to the president.Obama, Zuma, Mugabe Poverty, crime is on the increase.
Teenage pregnancy..

Crime armed robbery. unemployment.



Domestic violence.

They got money for wars, but they can not feed the poor.So much pressure is in the air. I can not get away. I am not happy here, do not cry I am not happy here. I want to give you happiness and even more.

I wonder if Heaven got a ghetto for thug niggerz?If he touch you, I got some drama for that sucker.

I will never let you go

*uck the judge.

The Parole officer.

The district attorney.

The system.

My enemies.

The game.

My only fear is re incarceration.

I am not scared to die.

I am already in hell.

Death I sleep eternally.

No love for my daddy for the coward was not there.

I hung out with the Thugs even though they sold drugs, they showed a young brother love.

Mama is just a little girl.

She is almost gave her ‎life, to raise me right.

I want his family dead.I want that *igger dead.

They trying to say that I don't can't care, just got up and I screamed *uck the world.

Never stop trying.

They got me under surveillance!

The punk police am I clear to you?

Can you see me?

Am I clear to you?

What you are not happy I am out of prison?

They may hold me for a second but I am going to get free.

This world aint prepared for us.

One of these days I learn not to mess with trick ass *iggerz cause they turn I to trick ass *iches.

I am sick and tired of being stuck in the county jail.

I hustle solo.

The game has been good to me.

If I die tonight?

Plotting on murdering my enemies before they get me.

Addicted to drama so even mama could not raise me.

If I die to tonight?

No fear *igger.

Never worry.

Revenge is the method keep your weapon close.

Though police know my name ain't a thing changed.

Pray to the Heavens.

I wonder if Heaven got a ghetto for thug *iggerz?

A stress free life for thug *iggerz.

No fear never worry.

Tonight is the night I get into some *hit.

Murder murder murder.

Killer killer killer.

Keeping it real.

It ain't easy.

I take a shot of hennassy ‎now I am strong enough to face the madness.

Everybody want to know if I am insane?

‎My baby mama got a mind of silly games.

I died, wonder why?

It is just the way it is.

Till I see my *iggers free on the block.

It ain't easy being me.

Will I see the penitentiary or will I stay free?

Ain't nothing like the old school.

What more can I say I would not be here today if the old school did not pave the way.

Had my hommies when *hit was real.

KRS1 got me through the night.I would not be here today if the old school did not pave the way.

I am on the train heading uptown.

Free styling with some wild cats from brooklyn.

Checking what a nigger is wearing.

Ain't nothing like the old school.

Pay attention my niggerz.

No body is closing me out of my business.

Thank God I am still living.

I am packing heat in case some young *iggerz want to

play dumb.

My definition of a thug nigger.

Money gone.

*uck friends.

I need a hommie that know me when all the cops be on me.

Although we just got paid we still was broke.

I wonder if Heaven got a ghetto?

I was raised a little *igger doing bad ish.

Papa broke out left me to be the man of the house.

Are you still down?

I was raised to be strong since the day was born.

Take what you need but do not get greedy.

I wonder if they will listen to a *igger when he is gone?

Please God come and save me.

Are you still down?

I wrote this for my critics and enemies.

Cause my life on the streets is a living hell.

Got no time for the tricks.

They got my phone tapped.

My daddy left me al‎one so I am angry.

I am making geez buying all the things on TV.

Remember me are you you still down?

Niggerz be the sickest.

Are you still down?

I should have seen you was trouble from the start.

Thought me so many lessons, I am not to broken hearts?

Shelter you from harm.

My ambition is to be free.

What you gonna do for love?

You tried everything but you don't get love.

God has a plan.

The money behind d the dreams.

The life we live as thugs.

It is hard to live as thugs riding with my gun in hand.

One these days I will learn not to mess with trick ass *iggerz cause they turn into trick ass *itches.

I am sick of being stuck in the county jail.

How long will they mourn me?

Smoking blunts in the drive way .

My 45 screaming *uck the police.

I was not not raised.

I turned out this way.

Thug till I die.

These are the dreams of a young teen.

Stressed smoking weed and nicotine.

Under pressure.

Never run throw your gun in the air.

Never fail.

Stand tall.

Lay their ass down.

Running wild, I never smiled as a juvenile .

Do not ask about my past it was all bad.

Now a *iggers is under pressure.

Don't no body move.

Skee masks extra gatsbring the clips.

‎They stay silent cause talk is cheap.


Through all the rain and the pain.

Keep your head up.

Tupac Amaru Shakur The Shinning Serpent .

" Black Jesus"

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala

African Swami.


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