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Updated on July 25, 2014

The Birth of The Anti-Hero might just very well be "Rheem Vs The World". The young artist and producer Raheem Lamar White, known as Rizzy or Rheem; recently dropped his latest compilation entitled: "The Anti- Hero". The LP consists of 17 tracks; and its conveyance spoke volumes; where Raheem talked about his efforts, determination, struggles and even past relationships in completion of the project. Each track will literally take you into a different dimension. Throughout the entire compilation, Raheem wanted to push the boundaries and he did, mixing the best of two worlds,games with his innate love for music. Its production is one of the most brilliant, inventive but unorthodox forms of rap; lyrically its embodies exactly what its title implies; a hero but in the contrary.The beats were constructed off of an extreme emphasis on skillful guitar riffs and hard drums; mainly anything rock, mixed with a familiar tone to anyone who has held a handheld game before. With references of King Bob and Wolverine in the mix the album might be upbeat as far as compositional sound but Raheem's message is certainly no game.

The word Anti- itself implies one who is in opposition or conflicting to, its describes one who feels as if they have carried the weight of the world on there shoulders and now has turned against being a hero for those around them, and in fact is looking for it in return. Oddly enough, we always look to a hero for help or for rescue but we never stop to think of who saves the hero. Eventfully, The Anti-Hero highlights that a hero isn't necessarily only a figure to be looked to for reaching inconceivable heights but rather the lesson is to value a hero's presence and learn from the struggle and hardship that a hero underwent.

" The story of a rebel with a passion, full of incompleted chapters, full of madness; reading in between the lines of cracked glasses, zoned out with ear buds, writing raps in my classes, but if I paid attention I probably had more mastered; It really doesn't matter, cause music is all I ever really wanted; but they limit me to rap sh*t .Open your mind, in fact open your ears; you don't listen to what you hearing, then how can anything ever be called Classic."

The Album was a gold-mine; Ironically enough the entire Album could be played in reserve as if the last track, Birth of an Anti - Hero was meant to be the opening introduction to the World. Raheem spills out his aggression and feelings letting the world know exactly how he feels and what's on his mind. He noted that all those who had supported him, had slowly drifted away and the amount of work that he put into the album was his sole determination along with those he thanks and dedicates on the album. Raheem emphasized that In no way can anyone box him in to being the type of rapper of the norm. His extended vocabulary and eccentric style of rapping sets him apart; He explains that he doesn't make music for the general audience but he does it for him. His voice is a different sound in Hip- Hop and he embraces that, separating himself from the rest.

The first Track " The Vigilante" starts off with a theatrical intro about facing fear, where Rheem rapped about joke rappers who produce the same old tired songs; he references himself as just a nerd with some musically talent. With flips in the track about comic characters such as wolverine but yet the message continued to remain fiercer than ever as he talked about, who's real and who's fake and at the end of the day, he will be having the last laugh.

Track three "Cold Steel" was a direct hit to those who thought Raheem wasn't prepared to the cross the lines, and say exactly what needed to be said, as he shows just how care-less he can really become and verbally thrashes anyone in his way, while Rheem dropped a line about some things that just cant be forgiven."Journal Entry Pt 3 " was one of the critically heart felt tracks of the Album. Where Rheem mentions his writing of Journal Entry one and two. He feels isolated, got stood up and wonders if he put it all out there, with his ex- girl trying to mend their past relationship, but is happy that he still has his nephew in his life. And is unsure of where he stands for a woman he is falling for. At the end of the song he lets us know that he is thoroughly convinced that no one can be trusted.

Other standouts on The Anti-Hero were "King Bob (produced by J.Reil)", "Caffeine (produced by Cyborg Apple)", "The Difference ft LotuStar and Sarah". "I go Crazy", "Super Hero ft J.Reil" and " So Cold".

"So Cold " was the 15th track and it had one of the most hardcore beats of the compilation, with a hook that was out of this world. Its title speaks for itself; it explains the stage that Raheem is at now, Cold. He talks about how people can be best friends as soon as your on, but are no where to be found when there friendship is really needed. Now he's on his own, doing his own thing, he's done with wasting his time, when no one is listening.The infectious rock hook scream's, show me how it ends its alright, show me how defenseless you really are, satisfy and empty inside; well that's alright lets give this another try.

The fifth track on the album was "The Difference". Raheem expressed how the perception of he see's people has changed. He goes on explaining the difference of those around him and expresses how he is partially damaged and broken in life while climbing this ladder to success. LotuStar sings a beautiful hook, which magnifies how things have changed and now its too late to go back to how it was.The track ends with a poem that despite who lets you down, always remain strong.

The second to last track " The Anti Hero " was named after the title of the project; and it rips into how people limit him, and puts him into a box of how they view him as a rapper. He goes on to express that music is really all he ever wanted, so he is here as a present force, and as a true artist.

Overall, the album was intriguingly creative and solid. Raheem literally released everything he had on this project and it showed. It was a different take on how people view Hip-Hop. But the young Rheem isn't finished yet, he is said to have more in the making. Im sure many will be bumping this album for a long while to come. If you haven't already; I encourage everyone to listen to this album thoroughly and I guarantee it will be worth it.


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