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Star-Trek Beyond Movie Review….

Updated on July 22, 2016

Star-Trek Beyond Movie Review….

I must confess that I am a bigger fan of Star-Trek than I am of Star-Wars; perhaps, because, as a boy, I could see episodes of Star-Trek on relatively weekly basis, but had to wait years to see the ongoing saga of Luke-Skywalker and crew. Incidentally, it is a testament of how gifted J.J. Abrams is that he now has an artistic, intimate connection with both franchises... with apparent permission from the fans from either iconic franchise - so it is that today I saw the new Star-Trek Beyond movie and was more than happy that I did.

I am at the stage of my life that it takes ‘much’ to impress me… but just by knowing that the great actor, Idris Alba - though that you may not recognize him - was the bad guy in Star-Trek Beyond was enough for me to pay and see Mr. Spock and the boys. In Star-Trek Beyond, we see Captain Kirk and crew investigating what seems like a routine deep-space phenomenon, but as we know, nothing is ever ‘routine’ for Star-Fleet’s flagship, the Enterprise.

The artistic beauty about most modern Sci-Fi/Fantasy movies is that there is a yeoman’s attempt to make the script and directing well rounded – no more is Stanley Kubrick’s, 2001: A Space Odyssey the brilliant aberration because auteurs like Christopher Nolan, Ridley Scott, and the aforementioned J.J. Abrams have added brilliant master pieces to the respective genres and now we can now ad Star-Trek Beyond to the fold.

Star-Trek Beyond has taken advantage of the chemistry of Spock and Bones and one cannot help but join in the laugh riot of those two characters. Case in levity point is when Bones is treating Spock and uses an equine excrement term to describe the situation, which of course the lovable Vulcan did not get the connection, but when Bones administered the painful treatment to the injured Spock… he repeated the phrase in a Vulcan dead-pan way with hilarious gusto.

Let us get to the plot of Star-Trek Beyond, which is brilliant in that it highlights the problems of warrior soldiers, like fishes out of water, not being able to cope with the peace, after they have prosecuted the wars to secure said peace… and so it is that Edris Alba is such a relic of a warrior soldier and a walking idealistic oxymoron in a new world of new ‘Olive Branch’ soldiers like James Kirk… prosecuting a peace with the likes of the Klingons and the Cardassians....

It was a awesome move to have most of Star-Trek Beyond action sequences take place on a planet, which gave the director Justin Lin the space and latitude to let go and let go he did. One such scene is Kirk using a vintage motor circle to create a distraction and the topography of the planet added to the visual spectacle. In addition, the black, bee-like phalanxes of the alien ships and the destruction they cause are worth every penny. Star-Trek Beyond will ‘live long and prosper,’ even after several Tele series and movies.


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