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If I lived in the Star Wars The Force Awakens Universe

Updated on August 12, 2016

The Force Awakens


Desert Planets

It would be alright to live in a desert land.

I have very far skin. That does not seem to be a problem for the humans in the galaxy. They don't have to care about sun block.

They can run about all day, never hoping to catch skin cancer. This is a great way to live.

I would be able to get around on foot or in some sort of car, too. Walk is no problem.

Dealing with Darth whoever

I would not have to deal with this person. I am not about to try to change things that are already so great.

If I did have Jedi powers, at least in this movie, I would use that power to get out of tough situations. Say I am in line for my favorite movie: I would use that power to get in the front of the line. (I am not waiting hours in line for some block buster film.)

Anyone that does find out my Jedi powers would be pursued to leave. There is no way I am going to do nothing.

My Schooling

It is unknown if where Reye went to school. She clearly knows how to drive a flying vehicle very well. Someone had to have taught her.

Also, it is hinted at in other movies and comics that children and college students go to Empire schools. Private schooling does happen, too.

I know my family would have had me go to some Empire based school. I don't think I would have had a choose but to go. (I am not going to go to deep into my private life.)

Most if not all schooling would be in some way supported by the Empire. If not supported, the school would have a similar system already ingrained in its criteria.

Storm Trooper

They seem to just fallow orders. This time the troopers are not clones. Most don't ask questions about their jobs.

Most of their lives they don't fight. Finn does not fight until one time when he is but an extra for a mission.

Getting to fight would be a normal thing that everyone does at some point. I think that the storm troopers are so brain washed that orders are just that orders.

I don't know if I would be brainwashed or not. Everyone of the Storm Troupers are raised to believe that the Empire or whoever is now in power is right. Everything is controlled for them. What is right is told to them.

Strange about Finn

Finn has most of his needs met. He does not have to leave his position. It is only when he questions his position does he become fearful of the future. He only repels because he noticed his life could end on a mission that meant nothing in his life. Finn life revolves around garbage, not going on missions down to planets.

Finn rebels when told to step out of his comfort zone. What is taught to him has been changed.

The question is: Who Changed Finn's Orders?

There are 4 people that could change the orders.

Kylo Ren: He might have ordered too many troopers to join him on the mission. Someone could be sick. It would be like him to think of these troopers as just a number.
I would be worried about this character. He acts like a child. This guy does not want to take responsibility for his actions.

He needs someone to blame. He blames his father for letting him down. Finn gets blamed for not wanting to be a Stormtrooper. Yet, Finn does not die.

The Silver Stormtrooper: I am not sure on the name but there is something tricky about the character. The character knows Finn for a long time.

I think this character is a spy, trying to weed out Jedi. Also, this person has the force power to move fast. This person moves so fast that Finn does not see her stand beside him. No one recognized this power though.

I would be scared that this person might be crawling though the vents.

Snok: He could use the force at any time to have some do his will. This could also mean that Finn is a pawn in his game of getting Kylo Ren on his side.
Someone has the be the bad guy. Kylo Ren has no one to defeat in space. Kylo Ren is a entitled child that gets what he wants. Snoke give him a reason to question his own people.
Maybe, this is the foreshadowing of the order to kill Stormtroopers in the future.

General Hux: He wants things to run smoothly. Yet, he needs to distract Kylo Ren to look good to Snok.

To me, this guy is not scary. He fallows the rules that already set. It might be that Finn is required to go on a mission in order to move onto the next level of sanitation.

Understanding Robot

I don't know how to do that.

It would seem that robots are very judgmental. They are moody and don't have clear missions that they know about. The only way to know a robots true mission would be to find out its programming.

Finding Information

This is easy. Information is found in bars. The one in this one is about 1000 years old.

Other information can be found from random robots, wondering Jedi, and anyone walking by that happens to give up some information.

I would not even have to go outside my own home to get information on what I want to know. Sure, people might stretch the truth but I would get some information on the direction of the truth.

Finn finds information right away. He even saves Poe.

Poe does leave, somehow. This is very strange for him to be gone without his jacket. I still don't have a clue where Poe went or how he got off of Jakku.

Finn even finds a way off the planet. The rest of the movie, he gets lead around by other characters.

My guess is that if I wanted information the information would find me.


I think the Reye will be trained by Luke Skywalker. This will take her character away from the main story into a training season just like Luke with Yoda or Obiwon. I don't think that Reye could be Luke's daughter or Leia's Daughter.

Reye knows what he parents look like. They left Jakku, leaving her on the planet. My guess is that they lost their child gambling. Reye does not know that they will never be coming back for her. If they are shown they might be introduced in the next movie.

Poe will show up in the next movie. He is a great polite. If he is a Jedi this fact will be using stealth techniques. There is something strange about this character, he only answered to the Resistance. Once, he is free on Jakku,he abandons Finn. He even abandons his droid that he put the plans inside.

Why put plans in a druid than not look for it on the planet that Poe crashed on? Poe does not look for the druid. He leaves. Poe might be a mole for the Empire.

I think Finn father is Luke Skywalker. The person who has run away is Luke Skywalker in the movie. Finn is on the run. He could have been the product of Luke's first or second wife.


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