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If the Crew From the Suits TV Series Were Running for President, Who Would You Vote For?

Updated on May 20, 2018

Who would you vote for as president?

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Jessica Pearson

Jessica is a fearless leader and currently managing partner at the law firm pearson spector litt. She can be very scary at times when she brings a threatening message across but like all leaders you will see how she would fight for her firm when it is under siege and she will do anything to win. Question is if the Suits crew ran for president will Jessica make the cut?

Harvey Specter

The guy that never lost a fight and would do anything to protect his interests as well as his crew’s interest. Harvey is a team player and he proved that in the last episode of season 5 when he took a bullet for the firm. He stepped down and resigned to save the firm and protect the firm against outside interests. Just like Jessica Harvey would do anything to win but an important point is that Harvey does not just fight for himself but for his team and that is surely someone you would want as your president.

Louis Litt

The litt master and mentor of the Pearson Specter Litt associates. Louis is always there when someone needs a helping hand whether it is basic filing, advice, rewriting bylaws or just litt up any situation that comes his way. Louis is definitely a team player and we all saw that from day one. Will Louis be a good president or will he ‘Litt’ the country up.

Mike Ross

Even though Michael James Ross does not have a law degree he is definitely one bright spark that can think on his feet and another plus point is his photographic memory. Personally I think Mike would put a country first and I learned that from him when he fought for countless people since day one whether it was lawsuits or even companies while he was an investment banker he put his own gain in profits aside to secure jobs for countless workers. If that is not selfless then I do not know what is I mean it is not every day that someone would put extra profits aside to save jobs. Mike might be a fraud but he will definitely be one incredible leader.

Robert Zane

Robert Zane is the father of Rachel Zane and name partner at one of the top law firms based in New York known as Rand, Kaldor & Zane. Robert can be a very serious man when it comes to the law but also enjoys his occasional visits to the gold pitch and of course spending time with his daughter Rachel and wife Laura Zane.

Daniel Hardman

Daniel was the co-founder of Pearson Hardmond and the former managing partner before Jessica Pearson became managing partner. He was kicked out of the firm and later returned causing all sorts of problems for Jessica and Harvey which forced Jessica to merge with Darby International.

Donna Paulsen

The redheaded wonder that is always a step ahead and knows Pearson Specter Litt inside out. Donna has been Harvey's right hand for years and was recently promoted to COO of Pearson Specter Litt and well-deserved as she has been keeping the firm together for years in many ways.

Rachel Zane

The daughter of Robert Zane and fiance of Mike Ross. Rachel worked as a paralegal for years and finally achieved a Lsat score high enough for Colombia University. That shows how Rachel persevered and never gave on her dreams and goals. She is a respected member of the firm and always out to help where she can.

Edward Darby

Edward Darby is a renowned international corporate lawyer and former managing partner of Pearson Darby. Edward and Jessica came to an agreement to merge law firms which gave Edward 51% ownership. Jessica eventually had a plan in motion where the two firms separated again and brought Darby's long running friendship with Ava Hessington to an end.

Jack Soloff

Jack was a senior partner at Pearson Specter Litt and head of the compensation committee. Jack's position gave him a chance to take on Harvey by restructuring the compensation and it so turned out that he was a senior partner that means business. Jack was aiming to become a name partner at the firm but will he make a good president?

Charles Forstman

Charles is an infamous banker and always seems to be involved in shady deals that include manipulation and getting back at people. He has a long running rivalry and history with Harvey Specter but was eventually outsmarted by Harvey and Sean Cahill. He is currently doing time in prison.

Travis Tanner

Travis Tanner is a mean and very smart lawyer (senior partner at Smith&Davane) that always seems to give Mike and Harvey a run for their money. He specialised in breaking class-action lawsuits with a winning streak that is off the charts but eventually met his match against the great Harvey Specter. Will Travis beat Harvey if they were to run for president?

Ava Hessington

Ava is the CEO of Hessington Oil and was once a client of Pearson Darby. She was charged with bribery and murder of her opposers by Harvey's former mentor and boss the district attorney Cameron Dennis. Harvey and magic Mike eventually got her charges dismissed by doing what they do best, winning! Ava built Hessington Oil into a renowned company but what will she be like in office?

Jonathan Sidwell

Jonathan is Tony Gianopoulos former right-hand man and eventually found a way to get out from under him and start his own investment firm Sidwell Investment Group. Mike worked for Jonathan for some time after Jonathan was so impressed with his knowledge and genius ways he made Mike an offer. He eventually got rid of Mike due to mikes poor decision making at the time as he puts his company first.

Sean Cahill

Sean is one of the big shot prosecutors at the SEC. He eventually targets Harvey Specter but later on, they work together on a mutual deal. He helped put Mike's deal in motion to be released from prison and proved on quite a few occasions that he will go the mile to get justice.

Anita Gibbs

Anita is an assistant US attorney and lead the investigation against Mike Ross. Mike struck a deal with Anita to plead guilty after a long hard battle between herself, Mike and Harvey. She is always will to go the mile and do whatever it takes to get justice. Will she be a good president?


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