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Illuminati New World Order

Updated on August 1, 2014
Illuminati New world order
Illuminati New world order

1776 - 1785

The Illuminati was created in 1776 and was then known as the Bavarian Illuminati. Their aim was to enlighten the world and oppose superstition, prejudice, religious influence, abuse of state power and to support gender equality.

They were outlawed and permanently disbanded by the Bavarian government along with the Catholic Church in 1785.

The illuminati conspired to control world affairs by manipulating events with agents placed in the government and in major corporations to create a new world order, gaining further political power and influence.

The Illuminati originally consisted of five members, who took a vow of secrecy and pledged their obedience to their superiors. The group was divided into groups and was made up of free thinkers similar to the freemasons.

In a span of ten years the group had over two thousand members across Europe and the Bavarian president ban any secret society's exposing much of the illuminati's work.

Members of the group fled but documents of their work were exposed and made its way to the United States of America.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the illuminati fled Bavaria but continued to work and many have said that they were the cause of the French revolution.

Signs of the illuminati
Signs of the illuminati

The Founder of Illuminati

Adam Weishaupt has been known to be the founder of the order of the illuminati but it is said that the order is much older than that and has existed for millenia.

He was a philosopher of German decent and was based in Bavaria. Adam was the first grand master to bring the illuminati into public awareness and gave the world reason to believe that he was the creator to avoid questions of the illuminati's history which would have aided the enemies.

The freemasons were a part of the illuminati when it began but became everything the illuminati were opposed to. The masonic elite are not a part of the illuminati and the illuminati are not satanists. The fight against satanic religions and organisations.

The illuminati's beliefs are based on ancient and hidden gnostic teachings.

Signs of the illuminati
Signs of the illuminati

Does the illuminati exist today?

There is no evidence to say that the illuminati survived after being outlawed, however writers have argued that the illuminati survived and continue on today.

The Ordo Templi Orientis are a group that have used the term illuminati in their hierarchy but they do not remain secret and attract memberships rather than maintain secrecy.

It is said that there are 6000 members in a 12 man ruling council today. This consists of 5 Americans, 5 Europeans, 1 Russian and 1 Indian.

The twelve members of the council are wealthy but it funds their mission and their mission is to set humanity free from the old world order which would be the people who have been in charge from the very beginning; royal families, presidents, prime ministers, bankers, media barons, top business executives etc.

The illuminati believe that they are the only hope for humanity and they remain secretive to avoid being destroyed by their enemies and that is their only reason for secrecy. The secret lies in the Holy Grail and is protected by the Illuminati.

They have attempted to show a coded message through a manuscript called "The Voynich Manuscript" but the men that wrote it were captured and killed before they could send out the code.

The "Arthurian Legends" were the Illuminati's next attempt to send out a message to those who are still free and their message was written through fiction and was almost successful but their "enemies" were able to confuse the message by sending out alternative versions.

The ghost - writer hired by the illuminati was able to code three novels and was paid handsomely and sworn to secrecy. Unfortunately he was not able to write the fourth and final novel.

The novels were written in code for someone to be able to decode and hear the truth!

"Armageddon Conspiracy, Millionaire's Death Club and Prohibition A" are the books that have the illuminati's secret. They cannot tell the world of their secret knowledge as it would cuse major cataclysm and the very secret that they have sworn to protect is in the books written by a ghost - writer on behalf of the illuminati for someone enlightened to follow.

A person that can crack the code will be contacted by a guardian of the illuminati but this could take years as patience, resilience and genuine insight are required.

The new world order is about destroying the old world order where money and power rule the world.

Do they exist today?

Yes, simply and secretly sending out their message to those who can intepret their codes and follow on to help create the new world order.

Ex Members who have Spoken Out

Leo Zagami was a high - level member of the Italian illuminati and a 33rd degree freemason. He is of Scottish - Sicillian decent and has been a member of the illuminati since childhood. He was to take over from the King of the illuminati, Licio Gelli but left the order.

According to Leo, who is living in Oslo, Norway in exile the illuminati plan to "nazify" the West and persecute all believers in God by the use of terrorism, war and economic collapse.

Leo said stated that he left in 2006 as he could not take the black magic, torture and mind controlling that was going on behind closed doors.

He also suggested that the power resides in the Vatican with the Jesuits, which is why many overlooked his comments in the past.

He believes that from December 2012 the world has six years to wake up and fight for their freedom to stay free under one God.

Leo suggested that the central banking cartel headed by the Rothschilds, controls everything.

Zagami believes that G.W Bush and Putin are illuminati and that the satanic numbers "666" are everywhere. The numerical value of w in Hebrew is 6 and every business in the world uses www.

He stated that there is video surveillance and soon there will be a micro chip too. That will be the ultimate mark of the beast and there will be a fight between the controllers ready for Armageddon against the Messiah.


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    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 2 years ago from South Africa

      I am not sure of what this has to do with the Illuminati but thanks for the comments

    • profile image

      Mehmet 2 years ago

      interesting comment 1) as far as miles and miles of almost nothing've got hundreds of thousands of acres of mountains, deserts, lakes, and farmland that will always remain uninhabited due to the lack of resources surrounding them 2) the majority of Americans live crammed in apartments in major cities out of 30 million people in the US, at least 2/5 (~13 million) of the population lives in said major cities (i.e. ATL, NYC, LA, MIA, and DC prob have 7 mil. collectively)

    • profile image

      Julia 2 years ago

      This has been a lie all along. Just like in the 70 s when they tried to say we were going into an ice age. Don't be gullible. Al Gore is rich bsaucee of this. He and others that are shoving this political crap down our throats are destroying the USA's manufacturing and wanting to put the coal companies out of business. We will have no jobs to earn money to pay for the huge increase in energy costs if they get they're way. Al Gore hasn't given up anything to cut his energy use.