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I’m only an Extra!

Updated on April 2, 2019
Anafa Siegel profile image

Although a therapist by trade I’ve been an Extra in locally produced films.

How it began

Being Extra

So I answered a call to audition as an extra for a film in a rural setting several hours from my home. I was intrigued by the stunning and seductive director/ producer. It quickly became evident that she was an amateur and even though this was an unpaid position she began to lean upon me as if I were her personal assistant.

The location was in a remote town upstate New York, and was located in an old church basement without heat in the middle of the winter, and also did I fail to mention that there was no plumbing in this building and there was no toilet. This was in the dead of winter and it was freezing cold and one actor’s fingers and lips were turning blue at times as we all circled around an indoor generator to heat our hands and feet. There also was no food available but there was hot coffee thankfully. After an 11 hour shoot we were sent home and I immediately located a motel and ran myself the hottest shower and just stayed under the hot water until I was no longer numb. One might ask why did I stay for a second day of filming when the first day was so difficult but I was intrigued by the director as she was stunningly beautiful and very very seductive and manipulative .

On the way to day one‘s Shoot the director kept texting me asking for various things for the shoot, such as a Raven and Roadkill! I was able to produce these items for her as I knew a Rehab specialist who happened to have these items. I’d laugh and ask is there anything else you need and would be able to locate the necessary items and produce them. She once asked me to produce more extras for the film Shoot but I had to remind her that I wasn’t familiar with the locale and recommended contacting a Community College in the area.

During the 2nd day of the shoot which took place in the evening , the director texted me to say that she’d been delayed and that I should notify the owner of the next location . I found the owner and alerted her, then the texts rolled in that I should contact wardrobe and begin to set the location for the scene which I was clueless about! I did the best I coud, and awaited the director’s appearance. She appeared on the set barely acknowledging me and I settled into a small scene. The director never thanked me for all of the help I provided so I shot my scene and decided to head back home. I don’t really care if the film was ever completed and brought to production, but I am forever reminded that I was only an extra in the scheme of this production although it was fun to behave as production assistant for a day!


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