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Impressive creative advertisements

Updated on July 15, 2011

Advertising is a form of communication tool that is used to attract the attention of the people, engage their minds with their brands, trigger their emotions and finally make them to buy their products. The ultimate aim of advertising is to change a prospect into a customer. But, how do you change it? – is what matters!!! It is just not enough to write a great copy for the advertisement. You should know where to place it. The message in an advertisement, no matter how creative and persuasive, will have no effect if the target audience does not see the advertisement. So it is first important for an advertiser to grab the attention of the consumer. Here is my collection of ads which was created in such a way that it will never fail to grab the attention of the audience. We will just see these ads just for 2 minutes, but just imagine the time and efforts the advertisers would have put on these ads to crack these ideas!!

Compilation of some highly creative ads

The below two ads from Denver water and the one for electricity from Eskom suggests a simple thought but makes you to think.

Camera ads are usually a treat to watch as the pictures they take. In the below ad, the advertiser has cleverly used the small pole in the sidewalk as the camera lens. Some might miss to see the lens but when seen, it will surely create an impact.

To highlight the feature, ultra-slim, the advertiser has tactically used the below ad. Just imagine how many people would have pulled the tag to see whether there is a camera?

You can see the ideas zooming in the below two camera ads.

Carry bags have nowadays become a good advertising tool. See the innovations in a carry bag in the following ads and I'm for sure that these bags would have made others to turn back and see what was written in the cover.

Will you think of any other security glass after seeing this ad?

This is one clean advertisement for Mr.Clean cleaning products. It seems to be a simple ad but is sure to create a lot of impact.

After seeing this ad I always remembered the yoga center whenever I saw such a straw!!

What a sharp idea to portray sharpness!

Papa Johns came up this innovative way of advertising which was then followed up by many other brands.

Buses and bus stops have always been a great messenger of good advertisements. Just have a look on how well the advertisers have used the buses to sell their product.

McDonalds always came up with great advertising promotions and this was one of its masterpiece. They transformed a streetlight into a giant coffee jug pouring coffee into a cup to message about the McDonalds free coffee promotion.

You might wonder what the below ad is for? You want to go for it or not but you will surely think of plastic surgery after looking at the cup. Yes, this ad was for a plastic surgery center.

Public restrooms have now been a great medium for advertising. It has been found in a survey that almost 80% of people noticed the ads that were displayed in public restrooms. The below ad in a public restroom will surely make you to think whether you need the paper or not? The idea that will always stay green!!!

Highly creative advertisements speak little but travels long. Hope my collection of these ads travels long in your mind as well!!

Which ads impressed you the most?

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    • sankari.nayagam profile image

      sankari.nayagam 6 years ago

      Thank you Vijayanths!

      Thank you Bygdog!

    • Bygdog profile image

      Bygdog 6 years ago

      Great hub, it was fun. I love creative advertising.

    • profile image

      vijayanths 6 years ago

      Interesting and informative hub.