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In My Opinion: Black Lagoon

Updated on November 27, 2014
The Lagoon Company
The Lagoon Company

Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rei Hiroe. It was turned into an anime adaption in 2006,produced by Mad House.The show currently has two seasons and a OVA.


The story is about a group of mercenaries called the Lagoon Company at a city called called Roanapur. It follows the muscle headed leader Dutch, Florida Computer wiz Benny, business man Rock, and two hands Revy. They go around doing all sorts of missions, leaving chaos in the path behind them. It has major gangs such as the Yakuza, Triad, Cuban, and French cartel. Their is also major Russian gang called Hotel Moscow that plays a prominent role the show. This show about violence, drugs , and sex, straights to its core.


This show is a fun ride from the beginning to the very end. It is a Mad House production so the animation is top quality and it also has a very stellar soundtrack accompanying it. The Characters are very unique and bring their own type of personality to the mix. The show is very violent and action orientated so there are many fight scenes in the show. The main characters are very interesting to a smart weak business man, to a sociopath gun wielding killer of a woman. The show follows a series of arcs, in which the lagoon company accomplishes there missions which takes a couple of episodes. In the end the show was a good experience.


This show is purely action, there is some story to it but for the most part of it is fight after fight. There are some characters that could have been more fleshed out if they had more screen time. Most of it was occupied from the two main characters, Rock and Revy. There is a lot of swearing and gore in the show that can turn people off. There are some action scenes that are questionable if they could really happen, seeing how the story never addressees it being in another alternate universe. It also reaches a level of silliness that can and can't be excused, depending on your tolerance. There are villains such as Killer Loli-twins to Killing Maids, it gets that absurd. There is some fan service that can be bothersome, but seeing the theme isn't anything but PG, it shouldn't be a problem.

Overall Conclusion

This show is something I would like to call an "experience". It has all the joy and thrills of watching a gun shooting killers with psychopaths of a cheap anime and still being a good experience.By no means is Black Lagoon a master piece, but to say I regret paying 25 dollars for it, I can't say either. This is the kind of anime you watch when you want to watch something mindless and fun to relax and unwind your day to. While it does cover some dark material, it becomes comedic when the show puts its absurd balls of the wall twist to it. If you ever have the opportunity to watch Black Lagoon I definitely recommend so.

What did you think of Black Lagoon? You Love it, You Hate It? Tell me in the comments below. What should I watch next? Anything Specific ideas that you would like me to cover? For now I'll leave you with these words of wisdom

— "Your'e not old enough to be reminiscing about the Past" - Revy


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