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The Vanessa Hudgens Sex Tape

Updated on November 13, 2010

So it turns out all the while I've been looking at Miley Cyrus as the next possible Hollywood casualty, Vanessa Hudgens has been staring me in the face the whole time, flaunting her nude pics, and now, making a sex tape. That's right, the star of the High School Musical franchise has apparently been caught having sex on film, and with none other than Zac Effron, the male lead from the High School Musical movies.

The tape apparently has a Christmas time theme, and features Hudgens wearing a Santa hat and peering seductively into the camera, telling the viewers how good she has been this year, and inviting Santa to come up her chimney. According to The Sun newspaper, Santa arrives in the form of Zac Effron, and the two get down to business.

Interestingly enough, this is actually relatively minor news. Whilst the Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy scandal rocked the world and may have even netted Jamie Lynn a million dollar deal, the Vanessa Hudgens sex tape has barely raised a murmur in the global media. I find myself asking why that is. If Miley Cyrus or Jamie Lynn Spears had a sex tape, the uproar would be enormous. Yet for some reason, when Vanessa Hudgens' sex tape comes to light, nary a brow is raised in surprise. There are several possible reasons for this.

One possible reason is that society as a whole may have been inoculated against being shocked by anything Vanessa Hudgens did after her nude pictures hit the Internet in 2007. That's certainly a possible theory, and it is probably the one we'll all end up falling back on when the other alternatives turns out to be a little too controversial (or far fetched) for anyone's good.

I'm going to dance around another possibility with all the grace of an elephant in ballet slippers. Look, if you will, at these pictures of Miley Cyrus and Jamie Lynn Spears:

Then compare them with this picture of Vanessa Hudgens:

Are there any similarities between Miley and Jamie Lynn that aren't shared with Vanessa Hudgens? Perhaps certain skin tone and eye color differences perhaps? If so, what conclusions can we draw from these differences. Could Aryan prejudices still be lurking in the heart and mind of society as a whole? Or would that be reading too much into what should be a jolly good time condemning a teenage girl for being stupid enough to have sex and tape it.

Of course, the third, and probably real reason that we don't care so much about Vanessa Hudgens' sex tape is the fact that she is of legal age, whereas Miley and Jamie Lynn most certainly are not.

We're also getting very jaded when it comes to celebrity sexuality and nudity. Gone are the days when a sex tape was a big thing, Kim Kardashian's second sex tape barely made a ripple in the pool of adult revenue when it was released, so what hope does a poor Disney cast off have of attracting attention this way.

Could it be that through over exposure to smut, we are, as a society finally coming to reject this demeaning and vile method of rising to fame? Will it be living in filth that finally elevates us to enlightenment?

That would be both ironic and awesome, so I hope so.


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    • profile image

      Claire 6 years ago

      Vanessa Hudgens is a dumb slut and any man with an actual brain wouldn't look twice at her. anyone who does has probably lost half or more likely all of his fan's respect

    • angela_michelle profile image

      Angela Michelle Schultz 7 years ago from United States

      This really bothers me. It's like these girls are on tv, and i don't want my daughter looking up to any of these girls. When my daughter seems to really like a particular star, we always have a talk how we can appreciate what they do on television or music or whatever area they are talented in, but that doesn't mean that there personal life is appropriate and should not be modeled.

    • profile image

      Unknown 7 years ago

      Are you freaking retarded? Vanessa Anne Hudgens took the first set of nude picture's when she was 18, actually 2days after her birthday. She wanted to send the picture's to Zac, But another random dude get them by a mistake. In one of her new movies she got a 15-30seconds scene where she is naked.

      Im a good friend of Zac and Vanessa, so stop talking shit about them when you dont know a shit groupies..

      To all your others "Thanks for listening".

    • profile image

      agnes 8 years ago


    • profile image

      stella 9 years ago

      hi vanessa i am filipina my mother is spanish my father is filipino and someday will be best friends and my name is stella diaz

    • profile image

      imoan 9 years ago

      wat were u thinkin are u dum u might have herpies, or std"s or something HAVE U EVER THOUGHT OF THAT if u haven't START THINKIN

    • profile image

      girly cheese 9 years ago

      vanessa h you are a freaktard

    • profile image

      girly cheese 9 years ago

      vanessa h you are a freaktard

    • profile image

      smew 9 years ago

      i am a huge fan of hihg school musical and i tink that evry1 should stop criticising her after all she is 19 and is above the age and its up 2 her wheter or not she wants to publish these pics and tapes. i have saw these photos of her, and fair play 2 her for publishing it. o i mean 4 her FRIEND!! publishing it!! some friend she is!! just leave her alone and mind your own business because she wouldnt inter-fear in yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      maribel 9 years ago

      oye vane no seas tan ecsagerada mente sexi. xo.

    • profile image

      markie 9 years ago

      Most people don't do that but some people make fake ones of the stars.

    • profile image

      zashley 9 years ago

      umm ok eww i hate zannesa gooo zahley v dont desreve him

    • profile image

      jesissohot 9 years ago

      I love all of the dirt on the celeb's.I find I very Interesting that they get the spot-light doing ordinary everyday things,that we all have already done!Almost all of us any way I can't say that I have made a sex tape.But,at the same time I probally would if I got payed enough!!jk.No,I would not have to do something like that to get exposure,I actually usto Model.Well I liked what you had to say.

    • huba7 profile image

      huba7 9 years ago from Uganda

      These celebs are very intriguing! Thanks for the nice photos and information i had missed about Vanessa

    • profile image

      munroenet 9 years ago

      Well i guess vanessa will be the next play boy super model the way she is going with all these sex things she does.