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Inception - Film Review

Updated on November 17, 2013

Looking Between The Lines

The movie, Inception, is an intriguing film which keeps you engaged to the story. It keeps you thinking. The viewer needs to look into the film between the lines to completely understand the film.

Concept and Themes of the Film

"Inception" starts off slow and confusing, making your mind run in circles. Christopher Nolan, the writer and director, proposes we give perfection by creating our own world a second look and we should not try to create a perfect life because nothing is perfect. The more we try to control people and situations, the more they become uncontrollable as people may know things we don't expect them to.

Brief Summary

The film suggests there is a way to change people through the use of multiple dream levels, by probing into the subconscious mind, which makes the film confusing to a surface viewer. By the end of the film, confusing threads come together and it is understandable.


Nolan wrote and directed the scenes of this film beautifully and thoughtfully encouraging the viewer to think, feel, and to take part in the journey and think about the lessons the characters learned to try to relate the lessons to the viewer's own life. I, very much enjoyed this film as it was not a passive film. It keeps the viewer wondering what will happen and what is going on, and to try to figure out themselves by trying to "read between the lines."

The grade I would give this film would be an A.

Do you believe there is a way to control people through the subconscious mind?

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© 2011 Alyssa Scheidemann


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    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 

      7 years ago

      Great review. I couldn't agree with you more, as I fail to see anything wrong with "Inception." Sure, many people can criticize that it lightly copies it's dream invasion concept from "dreamscape." However, that film was made for cheer entertainment value; whereas "Inception" was designed to challenge the viewer mentally and takes the concept to a whole another level. Almost reminiscent to how Shakespeare copied his "Romeo and Juliet" play off a previous story that was done before, and made it better by making it a deeper story. Not that I would ever compare Nolan to Shakespeare, but they both took concepts that were done before and made them richingly deeper with their input. Anyways, sorry for rambling like this. lol. Great hub, as I'll definitely be rating this one up.


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