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Independent House

Updated on January 6, 2020

Living in Independent Homes
Housing like pros and cons
Once the inhabitants of the aggregate
Difficult, once again, once again
Confusion, stickiness - thus all
Like or not tunes
Must experience. 'The skyscraper
Make a home between buildings
Anjidadantayya to the jungle
Everything as it is
Must move.
Once in a good sleep
From the time-floor
Strange noise regular
Listening in the latch.
This is the first two
Didn't understand what it was
The curiosity is irresistible
When you remember that
Back home early in the morning
Those who go. Thus, cooking tasks in the morning
Start at five. He regularly coconut gravy
Was listening. So much for the sound now,
If you hear grating, it's five and a half o'clock in the morning
It means thereafter. Has become our alarm. Without that shabha
If not then leave.
Another is the story of a music lover, different.
In a high-pitched way, hoping to become a singer
Late in practice, the neighbors' chest was flying.
Finally, Vasigara saw the end of his singing debut
Continue practicing with the neighbors in mind from the central admission
But empty the fields
When suggested ...
A corridor between eight homes.
To drive it all home
Use is everywhere.
There was a child crying, jumping, playing car,
Riding bicycles
The bustle was on.
Middle living in a flat
Adult woman, head out
Peukki said, 'Radadanta in this place
Don't bother
He immediately played
Mother of a child,
"Aunty ... let's play
Where else? That is
To those who questioned,
“Get your kids home
Play, among those who live here
The sick, the elderly, the young
There is no need to annoy the neighbors
On the other side holding a mischievous rubber snake
All the children who were threatening everyone were running away. This
What's the point of having children? '
Baede left. 'The tree is straight down here, Marcutta
Mundevu, there is no peace for one, Annie.
This is what happened. Sanitized five minutes before
I was shocked when the balcony looked wet. Water is everywhere
Anger began to worry about whether the money needed to be repaired again. When in doubt a little blindfolded
Upstairs, the water is running out of water
Clothes to the balcony before draping clothes
The drop effect is water from the fabric wall and ours
The balcony was wet. Then brought to their notice
Be warned Bachav.
In another instance, clothes that were dried on the rug
Three-quarters were dry and wet again. Despite the lack of rain
The answer to the question of how clothes are wet is answered. Above
They love the house plant!
Excess water in the excitement of watering plants
The outside kissed dry clothes. Again according to Yatha
Keep your plant love at home '
Have given
In the wake of the elders in the space devoted to play
Running automobiles for young children is a problem for anyone
Doesn't matter. Instead of parking on the terrace
If the game intersects, the discipline is over.
Carparking a cricket game played on the field
The glass of the upper house broke down
Naughty children who can be fined for association
How to cope!
The other side is the side with balconies
Problem is, private, personal on balconies standing on balcony
Making calls is the norm. Sometimes that love is love,
Also to the balcony on the bougain or the weeping cry
Not listening. That's what to do.
Must hear ...


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