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Indian Television - Who likes the most, Ladies or Gents?

Updated on July 2, 2015

Who will win?


Who like the most

The anticipation comes in and one can find that they are practically dropping everything when the time to air reaches. Working all the nerves , Indian television makes one so nervous that at the end of it the only comfort that makes one hooked to it on hours on end just to get to the happy ending. But Indian TV- who likes the most ladies or gents?

Indian Television In India

The reality on the ground is that in almost every home in Indian is addicted to Indian TV. Banking on love stories and how the handsome brutes literally come to fight for the love of a woman. The woman in question who most time is not wealthy is swept of their feet with a man who is rich and if not on the way of becoming one. With most women dreaming of a fairy tale ending, it is not surprise that ladies are the ones who watch it most. In addition to that with most Indian TV stations taking that fact take into consideration that women want to have happy endings, many more shows are catered to women. In this regard ladies in all aspects are the ones that like Indian television.

Indian TV to the rest of the world

When it comes to looking at the impact of Indian television outside India, the popularity is breath taking. With the fact that more shows in the world are science fiction or violent in nature, the best option that builds anticipation and laughter without the grossness is Indian TV. In fact Indian TV in Australia has become a household name, as the dramatic soundings and the long hours of the shows is different from the dessert and cowboy look that the Australian TV has. To the rest of the world the popularity with the ladies and gents is on an equal level. With most ladies being first to watch, they usually call the gents to come and get tips on how to treat them. In the end since the shows are addictive, the end result is usually that both the ladies and gents in the rest of the world enjoy watching Indian TV and will also drop everything so as not to miss an episode.


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    • sabsebada16 profile image

      sabsebada16 2 years ago

      Good article, but it's gents who win always.