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Infinite New Challenge Album Review and Information

Updated on May 10, 2013

Infinite New Challenge

On March 21, 2013, Infinite released their New Challenge album, which consists of seven tracks. At first, I thought that the album would be titled Man in Love because of their title song. I was surprised and disappointed to discover that it's called New Challenge - an unsuitable album name. New Challenge just doesn't match the concept of the songs, which are all about love. However, it's not the title of the album that matters, but the actual music. The tracks are different from their previous songs while still containing the Infinite essence. I really love to see different facets of artists because of how complex humans are. I like it when musicians refuse to stay in a mold that people expect them to. I am already looking forward to what Infinite will show us next and it hasn't even been that long since New Challenge has been released. Overall, Infinite's New Challenge is a good album that is worth buying.

Purchase Infinite's New Challenge Album

KPOP CD, Infinite - 4th Mini Album(Included Folded Poster) : New Challenge[002kr]
KPOP CD, Infinite - 4th Mini Album(Included Folded Poster) : New Challenge[002kr]

This New Challenge album comes with a random poster (out of three possibilities), a random member postcard, a photo book, and the CD.

[New Challenge Unboxing]


01 Welcome to Our Dream

My Rating: 1/5

Welcome to Our Dream is an instrumental intro track to the New Challenge album. I dislike the intro because it's annoying to me and reminds me of a Disney circus. Don't let that scare you off, though! I think part of why I find it annoying is because I listened to it on repeat for 30 minutes while waiting for Infinite's Press Conference on Google+ Hangout. I was determined to not miss them, so I endured it.

02 Man in Love

My Rating: 5/5

Man in Love is an adorable upbeat song about how a man acts when he's in love. Infinite explains to their fangirls how a man acts when he's in love, so they don't end up overlooking it: "If someone gives you a sign like I am right now, then please notice it." I also really like the high note that Woohyun hits. I completely melted from the very beginning of the song, but I seemed to melt all over again when they sing that they want to give everything to you when they're in love with only the expectation of your heart. Fair enough, right?

03 As Good as it Gets

My Rating: 5/5

As Good as it Gets is a cute song that portrays the feelings of being happiest when you're with the one you love. Being in love can give you a boost of optimism, which is evident from As Good as it Gets. This song also expresses the desire to improve as a person and then return to your true love's side. In a way As Good as it Gets is both a peak of love and break up song. It's interesting how they incorporated two themes that are typically segregated into one beautiful song. I really love the positivity and confidence that is evident within As Good as it Gets. It's the right attitude to have if you want to improve your relationship or win someone back.

04 Still I Miss You

My Rating: 5/5

It wouldn't be an album full of love songs without a sadder one. Still I Miss You is a heartfelt song about missing someone whom is no longer in your life. I can relate to this song because I've let someone go before and thought that I would be able to get over it, but I continued to miss that person and wonder about how he was doing. Still I Miss You efficiently portrays the painful feelings of longing, regretting, being sorry, and having much to say. What stands out the most vocally from this song are L's heavenly falsetto and Woohyun's and Sunggyu's passionate high notes. Another aspect of Still I Miss You that I like is how the song impactfully ends with “Are you at the place where my longing touches?” Thus, I love this song both lyrically and musically.

05 Beautiful

My Rating: 4/5

Beautiful, written by Woohyun, is a fluffy love song that would melt just about any girl's heart if her boyfriend (or girlfriend) sang it to her. I think it's unique and cute how they begin the song with three terms of endearment and an “I love you.” Another part I love about Beautiful is the “dugeun dugeun” line because it's fun to say and mimics the sound of a heartbeat.

06 60 Seconds (Infinite Version)

My Rating: 4/5

At first sight and sound, I thought 60 seconds was going to be a love at first sight song. However, as I listened to it, I soon realized that it wasn't what it seemed. 60 Seconds is about seeing your ex by chance and in that short time frame, you could still feel your love for that person and also see her love for you as well. Yet, she chooses to walk away. The fact that 60 Seconds isn't what it seems makes me love it much more.

07 Inconvenient Truth

My Rating: 5/5

Inconvenient Truth is a retro song that pleasantly surprised me because it's about girls who show too much skin from the perspective of a man who prefers his girlfriend to dress more modestly. Despite the serious message, this song is also quite humorous in it's portrayal: “You're gonna show everything underneath. What's wrong with you? I can see everything.”

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