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Insect images - Photo gallery

Updated on November 15, 2011

Insect images - the experience of nature

Photographing insects has never been in my scheme of things, after having had a bit of success with butterflies and moths, I was encouraged to look at other insects and found so many interesting insects all around me. Insect images are indeed worth the effort. You just need patience, readiness and a steady hand to get the splendour of nature immortalised in digital images. Somehow, we are into believing that we are the only important creatures in the world around us, but I have learned otherwise. I have seen the magnificence of creation around me because I could spare a moment and look through the lens. It is easy to get a bee that is completely immersed in a flower, perhaps a little drunk in sweetness of the nectar, but to get some quick flying insects is indeed a test of patience, I have learned.


Insect image - Green fly

This magnificent looking fly was just about 5mm in size. I tried getting a good shot of this insect for days. He is a frequent visitor to my garden, he was always around basking in the warmth of the morning sun, but as quick as he was I could never get a decent picture. This image here has been selected from 20- 30 pictures of the insect that I had clicked.


Insect image - the common house fly

I have seen the common house fly around, but I did not know that he was so hairy or he had some attractive features. Doesn't he look different in this light?


Insect image - Grasshopper

This huge grasshopper was a great catch. I found him in a nearby bush, caught him and let him fly around the house. After a while he settled on my son's bed, I never really noticed his rugged features, he is such a handsome hulk, as this image shows him up to be.


Ant images - ants carrying a centipede

Walking around the apartment block on the wall I noticed some ants. Not interested I moved on, but a second inadvertent glance told me that something was happening. It was team work at its best, perfect understanding and coordination. The ants were carrying a centipede, a great community meal I guess! And a great lesson for humans to learn, to live in harmony.. what do you say?


Bug image - red bug

This bug was dead, easy to photograph, but absolute no thrill in getting his image here. I only included it to show the difference between capturing a dead bug and a finicky and an active insect. The legs all folded up and misery etched on it image isn't a great sight.


Dragonfly image - insect images

A dragon fly sitting on a stem of a carnation is a pretty picture, a little spoilt by too much sunlight. Taken in the blast of the hot midday sun, there wasn't much I could do. But the shimmering wings and those huge eyes look brilliant even in this light.


Preying Mantis image

I woke up one night for a drink of water and found that this creature had got in through some window left open by the kids. He seemed to like the bright red candle,the perfect backdrop for his brilliant green body. I could not let the moment go by although I was sleepy. oooh La la look at his eyes, they seem like they were made of plastic.


Spider image

This huge visitor in our garden did not have the right setting or background. I had to get him on camera before he decided to jump over the fence to the next garden. Doesn't he look a little like Mickey mouse?


Insect picture - ant image

Back to the ordinary- the ant. Pointy face and bubbly eyes, looks a pretty picture in his own simple way. I have enjoyed my forays into the garden and bushes. Hope you like them too. Let me know what you think.. I will be delighted to hear from you.


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    • sofs profile image

      sofs 6 years ago

      Thank you Simone... they call me the insect whisperer LOL .. at least here on Hubpages I was called that lol .... No. it just takes patience and the rest is simple...Have a great day!!

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Just incredible. These photos are... incredible! I've never been able to catch good photos of insects... you must have a special knack for it!

      And OMG- that spider really does look like Mickey Mouse O_O

    • sofs profile image

      sofs 6 years ago

      Hi there Rekha... get down to that basement of yours and take a look, you will see much more than I :) Thanks sweetheart for the encouragement, it does amount to much in my books... God bless!

    • profile image

      rekha 6 years ago

      You have brought these beautiful insects which are around us to our notice. And nice photography, in fact I am surprised it's from a simple camera. Keep going & post them so we'll get to see more of these tiny cute ones..

    • sofs profile image

      sofs 6 years ago

      Peggy W, Thank you ..I have a rather simple point and shoot camera, and you can do much with it... thank you for the visit and your encouraging comment!

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 6 years ago from Houston, Texas

      These are absolutely beautiful images of insects! You did a great job capturing their essence and making us appreciate their true beauty. The house flies were my favorite. You must have a great camera! Up and beautiful!

    • sofs profile image

      sofs 6 years ago

      Thank you Vasantha, I appreciate that!! Glad that you that found it interesting.

    • vasantha  T k profile image

      vasantha T k 6 years ago from Bangalore

      Excellent photography.Interesting hub .

    • sofs profile image

      sofs 6 years ago

      Hi Tim, lol insect whisperer indeed... they fly away from me most of the time :) Thank you Tim you were my even get behind the lens.. that wow and appreciation goes back to you kind sir!

    • sofs profile image

      sofs 6 years ago

      MM, get a little closer and you shall see the beauty around you.. well said my friend. I did not even notice that little green fly in my garden before.. my eyes had to be opened to it by a brilliant macro picture I saw while surfing the web..Thank you for the visit and the encouragement.

    • sofs profile image

      sofs 6 years ago

      Allsuretybonds.. you are right about that we would indeed be pleasantly surprised.. thank for for taking a look at these macro insect images :)

    • timorous profile image

      Tim Nichol 6 years ago from Me to You

      Wow sofs, you've done it again. You really ARE the insect whisperer. You've really captured the intricate beauty of these sometimes creepy crawlies. Excellent work. :)

    • Movie Master profile image

      Movie Master 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      It's not until we can zoom in on insects that we can see their beauty and you have certainly captured that in these wonderful pictures.

      They truly are magnificent creatures.

      Thank you for sharing, voting up, best wishes MM

    • AllSuretyBonds profile image

      AllSuretyBonds 6 years ago

      Very interesting. I love how you took the time to stop and look at the world around us. I think if we all took a little time to do the same we would be pleasantly surprised.


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