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Michael Jai White and Gillian Iliana Waters, now this is a couple that should be talked about in Hollywood

Updated on April 30, 2014

In Hollywood, you hear so many crazy things about couples in the business.

Why are the most inspirational positive couples not promoted more, in which it will show something that is beautiful,where in Hollywood it does exist, in which it is not show, that is put on.

Where are the real couples?

You know where they are, they are there, but not highly talked about, because they are actually couples that lift people up and show positive aspects about working in the film business.

Now I got admit, I think Michael Jai White is one of the sexiest man in Hollywood in the film industry and if I was ever to work on set, and the man ever did a fight scene and he had to do it with no shirt on,

I might just pass out, or would have to use all my concentration to focus on a scene, and yes he is that sexy, but my point is; Michael is someone who is successful in my eyes and not let Hollywood define him or let it control him.

Well you have to look up this well balance individual with him being a very gifted, talented, martial artist.

Oh don't let his brick wall statue like body, fool you. The man can fly through the air, and you set there and your mouth will drop to the ground and you wonder, how does a man this big, muscles and all, who can fly through the air like Tony Jaa, and let me say there is a difference in size, in fact they have been filming a film together where there is a picture circulating on the internet of both of them jumping in the air.

With all the blessings Michael has had, it has never taken over his mind nor influenced his decision to love a woman based on his own heart.

Now we all know, that there is so much out there, with arguments, over what a "real" woman is and I think sometimes men are afraid to have a woman on their arms in public, that doesn't totally fit into a "box".

Michael doesn't let society, base his true love and doesn't care what anyone thinks and I tend to think, that is what a true man is.

When you go to Gillian Iliana Waters page on facebook, your going to see how beautiful this woman is.

Believe it or not fella's, this woman has a six pack, and she is indeed a "whole" package,and when you see pictures of Michael and Gillian, you can see "light" in the picture, and see that it is not some put on show, it is the real deal and you can see just how happy they are together.

Yes, they have known each other for a long time, but quite frankly I am very excited to know they are engaged and you think it was my wedding, because I am cheering them on, because, they truly are a couple that the public should look up to.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you know as I am working on getting a 6 pack myself, it might have been a turn off to some guys, which is understandable.

BUT, here I am, and seeing the the sexiest man in Hollywood is going to marry a woman that has a 6 pack, it just shows that Michael Jai White, loves a woman that works just as hard as himself, and that should be showed more in the public light.

Gillian isn't a woman that is using Michael to advance herself in the entertainment business, because they have known each for a very long time and Michael isn't using her and this is what needs to be shown more, in the entertainment business.

Just go to Gillian's page on facebook and your going to see a few pictures of them holding each other and the smiles are real and you can feel that when you look at the pictures.

This couple is such a beautiful, and people might tend to think, since Michael is getting married, would I be a jealous of Gillian of stealing Michael, not quite.

When I say stealing, I mean there are many women that are not going to be happy that Michael is getting married to such a sexy women.

Yes I admit I think Michael is a very sexy man, but the truth is, all my idols, I don't want to date them, I just want to work with them and once again, I would pass out on set, while Michael is doing a fight scene.

I think it is ok to be honest and talk openly who you think is sexy, because you shouldn't let society help you to make up your mind, and define in your own mind who you think is sexy.

Quite frankly I'd love to go out on a double date someday with Michael and Gillian, that would be cool.

I hope that there are more pictures and more talks of this couple in Hollywood, because this is what should be shown, they are both such positive and inspirational people that together as a couple it brings, double the amount of positvity and helps to raise even more people up higher,

I for one, will be looking forward to the union in holy matrimony of Michael and Gillian.

Beautiful Couple

This should be Couple of the Year
This should be Couple of the Year


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