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Intelligence -- The Plague

Updated on February 13, 2014

The touch of death

Luther Vick is about to be executed. He says a loving goodbye to his wife and vows to reach out from beyond the grave to exact revenge on Tom-Tom the man who helped put him in jail. Then it appears he's executed. Only appears is the correct word as his execution has been faked. General Carter is acquiring guinea pigs for his experiments by faking the deaths of inmates who are executed. Only problem is this little guinea pig manages to escape the lab and anyone he so much as touches he gifts with the touch of death.

Gabriel wants to be involved in figuring out who the carrier of this deadly disease is, but his handlers feel he's too valuable of an asset to risk. Gabriel, however, argues if not for something like this what is he there for. He does one of his computer walk throughs from the cell phone footage several people took where they were infected and he identifies Luther Vick as the spreader of this disease and is told it isn't possible since he was executed and is now dead.

So Gabriel heads to the prison to investigate the machines that supposedly ended Luther's life. He discovers the equipment was tampered with so it would only knock someone out and only give the appearance of death. Now that Gabriel has proven it's more than possible for Luther to be alive and the carrier the task turns to finding a way to find them.

It turns out Gabriel isn't the only one trying to find Luther. General Carter has Special Forces out looking for Luther, as well. He needs to capture Luther so no one discovers he's circumventing executions to get guinea pigs for his experiments. The problem is the get a cure for the people infected by Luther and dying is they need Luther alive so they can make a cure and something tells me Carter has no intention of letting that happen. In short, he'll let the people infected by his experimental disease die to cover his butt and keep his experiments a secret.

Luther meanwhile keeps good on his threat to reach beyond the grave to kill Tom-Tom. Then he goes to visit his wife and tells her how he thought he was dead and woke up in this lab where they injected him with something and how he managed to escape. All is going well between them until he listens to the news about the epidemic and sees a rash on his wife. She tries to tell him she's seen no one and he has to be the one who gave it to her, but that doesn't stop him from killing her. Guess he zoned out on the part of the marriage vows in sickness and in health.

Gabriel and his protector arrive on the scene and almost catch Luther but Luther manages to put the touch on Mary Sue and she's all like, "Don't touch me, Gabriel." Luther realizes his dead wife was right and he is the carrier. He also realizes they need him alive to find a cure.

That's the point Carter's little hit squad arrives and traps Gabriel and The Infected Protector in a shed and set it on fire. Despite Mary Sue telling Gabriel not to touch her, he does so she can help him break down the door and escape the burning shed. Then they take out the hit squad and capture Luther.

Nelson is able to create an antidote to the sickness and saves the lives of a little boy and his mother he'd grown very attached to. And afterwards Luther can be executed for real, this time.

Meanwhile, Lillian has set in motion a plan to expose Carter and bust him so she can shut down his special experiments. It works like a charm, but the big boss doesn't seem too happy with Lillian. In fact, it seems Lillian has earned her naming being put on the same list as Gabriel as potential government threat. He tells her that she may be coming a little too powerful for their liking. I wonder if he also figured out that Lillian was the one behind the assassination of their government asset Hector?

You'd think the government would be happy about getting rid of the dirt, but they apparently like the dirt. In Hector's case he was allowed to continue to sell drugs and kill who knows how many people as long as he provided them with valuable information. Even kidnapping two young girls and trying to blackmail a politician wasn't enough for them to want to put a hit out on Hector. And the same probably goes for Carter and his experiments.

I imagine the government managed to cover up the fact that Luther's execution was faked to use him as a guinea pig. They never said what happened to Luther after he was used to find the cure. Did they let him die of the disease he was infected with and not give him the cure he helped to make possible? Or did they carry out another secret execution? I don't imagine they left him alive this time. And I'm sure the government made sure Carter's arrest and his secret guinea pig lab won't make the headlines of the local paper. The government probably came up with some vanilla excuse that wouldn't have the citizens up in arms about where the sickness came from. But if Lillian hadn't exposed Carter, I imagine the government would have just let Carter continue with his experiments, maybe creating some super bug they could use against their enemies. Much like they wanted to let Hector continue on.

Because of Lillian intervening on the Hector and Carter front I could definitely see the government putting a kill order out on Lillian and Gabriel and Lillian having to take Cyber Command underground where they try to play sheriff and try to clean up all the dirty dealings the government has got going. Luckily, he gave Lillian a warning of what might be coming so she can perhaps already start making preparations for when the day comes.


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