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Updated on February 12, 2018


Interlochen or life (?) In the music box


                  InternationalCenter for Music and Art in Michigan

       From our first day in Interlochen we heard live music: trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, piano. And these sounds were produced by the staff of the summer arts center in Michigan. Soon the first campers arrived, students ages eight to eighteen, and there was more music, voices .... and finally the orchestra rehearsals and concerts began.

"Falling asleep" (if you go to bed early) on the "musical" feather bed, you're slipping into the music in your dreams. And in the morning if your window is open, you “sail” with the music into a new day.

At first, you felt as if you were watching an orchestra pit, and you yourself are in the theater, on stage, participating in scenes of "sleep" or "awakening", but the point of the game is really in two months without sleep.

People stood in lines waiting for an audition -- future stars of world-famous orchestras may have been there (statistics confirm this).

And what treasures of percussion instruments, a paradise for drummers and so many fans (read artists) of wind instruments. Every day the center is filled with music.

The blue camp uniform serves as a kind of continuation of colors of the lakes, between which the center is located (the name of the center is translated as “between lakes”).

And what poetic names of lakes, one is named Green, the other -- Duck.

In the language of local Indians a different meaning and translation are evident: while the words are similar in spelling, only the endings are different.

This beauty of lakes and sounds penetrates you like air, and you do not notice how quickly you fall in love with all this, and you never want to part with this place.

That is why people come back here after fifty summers, and only those who have not succumbed to the charms do not come back.

Once you have tasted Interlochen, you're bound to it forever!


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