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Updated on May 25, 2015
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Introducing Radio Turn Up---Education &, Health&Human Performance Consultant , Radio Host, Entertainment writer and Stage Show Creator-Love.

Love Ministry

Love Ministry and Talk Show

Love Ministry & Talk Show/Article Reviews



The Love Lift Jesus Ministry is a media outlet poised to relinquish the gifts of God, whether through music, poetry, leadership, teachings, journalism or active community leadership. The mission of the outlet is to empower, uplift and most of all; open the gifts that God has given unto the people. Upon building confidence of speaking on a national radio station (, God blessed me with a word each Sunday to give unto the people. Some of the major themes of the Sunday ministry are centered around the destiny God has set, while other messages focus on continuing in faith. As the ministry receives invites to various events, I decided to reach out into the community and realized that others were chasing after God’s heart and agreed to share their gifts with the world on my radio ministry.

When interviewing guests, the major focus is always centered on bringing the gift of each to magnify Jesus Christ. It matters not what gift God has bestowed upon a person, the end result is how are you using your gift? I have had the opportunity to interview commonalities as well as celebrities on the radio show and have learned much. The strength of the radio show comes from God and the power found within comes from the gift of God. As to date, God has blessed me to successfully complete 322 shows and the number continues to rise. The experience of the radio ministry is a constant reminder that God blesses in various places and gives blessings to various people.

Although this ministry is nationwide and has a span across America and out of the country, I market and recruit as to bring more people’s gifts in the light. When I interview each guest, I realize that no matter if he or she is in front of the camera or in front of a television screen at home, each person needs ministry and prayer. For some people, the ministry serves as a pick-me-up, to hear a positive role model who is now a successful politician, teacher, author or in the entertainment world; while other segments of the ministry serves as prayer to make it through the next day. As a radio host of a ministry that spans around the world, I still see a need to take this ministry and talk show to the next level and reach as many people as possible.

With the addition of radio, I have launched out to begin writing articles on many issues of interest that is going on in the media. The articles contains information on gospel music, social issues, politics, education, book reviews, show reviews and health will be added as well. An example of one topic that was written is entitled, “Save Our Sons.” The article illustrates the demise of our young men in the streets and what we can do to prevent the troubles that are ahead. When delivering the message of “Saving Our Sons, the concept is knowledge and having events which involved successful men or men who stumbled, but refuse to fall. The goal of the “Save Our Son’s project is to take this project around the world. Speaking of messages, there are many educational issues and I speak on various topics concerning those issues to strengthen communities within.

In conclusion, my desire is to connect with media outlets, entertainment outlets and the gospel industry because I want to help bring anything positive to the spotlight for God. Also, my desire is to interview as many people as possible because kids and adults may not be able to identify with the challenges of one guest, but can with another guest. My desire is to continue to cover events, as well as interview and learn from artist, writers, teachers, journalist and community leaders. Within the career of radio, some of the guests would like to only speak on large platforms, but God says in order for a seed to really grow, that seed starts out small and grows into something that can be used by the people. If you would like to be on this national radio show please see the below instructions:

COME ON THE Show AND share YOUR GIFTS FB-Alfreda Love



Gospel Artist

Clean Artist Music





Sports Figures


Community Leaders


Positive People


Bible based, inspiring, uplifting and authorized by God, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the ministry that God has given me. In one week, Love Lift Jesus up Show will turn 2 years old. This ministry has been afforded the opportunity to host conferences, cover events on the red carpet, plays and many other events. As of recent, God has expanded the ministry to radio and I have had the opportunity to interview many people from around the world. I am in the process of scheduling more people for the 2015 year as well as arranging speaking events. At any rate, I would like for you to be part of my radio ministry in that you come and join me on radio to highlight what God has given you to share with the world. It could be the gift of music, poetry, acting, writing, preaching, teaching and whatever you could possibly think of that would uplift the name of Jesus.


The mission of the ministry is to lift Jesus up. Jesus says, "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me!" We all know that when Jesus draws us to him, we are in good hands. The vision for the ministry is to teach the word, expose and promote the gift of God to people from all around the world.


We are going where the ministry takes us. By sharing the goodness of God, we are being obedient in that we must go tell the men, women, boys and girls about the word of God. You may not minister when you tell about your gift, but you are sharing that God is the provider of your gift and that may encourage someone else.


I will need a bio and dates that you will be available for a 20-30 minute interview

The call in number will always be: Guest Call-in (347) 843-4981

I appreciate your time and willingness to be part of the ministry (LOVELIFTJESUSUP)

Please tell your friends and family about the show.


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