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Internet Game Addiction

Updated on July 30, 2009

I Can't Stop Playing!

Help!  I'm addicted to Alchemy!  If you have never played it, it is an Internet game I found on Yahoo games.  I don't even know how to explain how to play it.  You have to match these symbols and colors either up or down to clear the rows.  The object is to clear the whole board and move on to the next level.  So far I haven't been able to get past level six.  It's maddening! I just keep going back over and over, trying to beat this game.  It has become an obsession.

Tonight I found another game while I was taking a break from Alchemy (I got frustrated).  It was a matching ball game.  You have to line the same color balls up in a row of five of the same color to clear the balls.  I never really figured out how many of these rows or balls you have to clear to get to the next level.  I only got to level four.  I got very frustrated, because the longer it takes you to move the balls around the more balls are added to block your moves.  I don't even know why I kept playing it.  It was making me nervous.

I was a kid when PacMan came out.  My brother got an Atari for some occasion, Christmas or a birthday, I can't remember which.  Anyway, he played it all the time.  Not me, I couldn't stand it.  PacMan was the worst, it made me so freaking nervous.  Those little ghosts chasing after me.  It just gave me the creeps.

Me, I'm more of a boardgame kind of girl.  Give me a good game of Scrabble, Clue, Life, or Sorry.  I do have to admit, I love the new Life game with the little debit cards.  It is so much fun. We got it for my son for Christmas and I think my husband and I like it better than our son does.  

Anyway, I need to go now, I have to get back to that Alchemy challenge.  I'm determined to get past level six.


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