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Interview Featuring Grave-Bait

Updated on August 23, 2013
Grave-Bait's latest EP. Get it while it's hot!
Grave-Bait's latest EP. Get it while it's hot! | Source

Basic Information

Real name: Chris Lainhart

Stage Name: Grave-Bait

Occupation: Industrial Rapper, Beat Maker

Birthday: 14th of January 1984

Label: Outta Tha Gutta ENT

How did you come up with the name Grave-Bait?

Grave-Bait has a couple different meanings.

1. I think of Grave-Bait as stupid shit that gets you killed, like hard drugs, or just acting dumb in dangerous situations.

2. People often underestimate me, and it's a bad idea to fuck around. You take the bait, you are fucking dead. Get it? I'm not the one dying here. (laughs)

3. The opposite of Jail-bait!

Who or what inspired you to pursue music?

Listening to a cassette of Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails. I thought the sound of it was amazing, and I wanted to make dark music like that. Later on, I found out he pretty much did it all himself, so that inspired me to do it. Johnny Cash is also an inspiration, as well as Sascha from KMFDM.

How old were you when you began having an interest, and how old were you when you started it as an occupation?

I started working on music when I was about 15, doing it on my computer and such. I got a keyboard for 16th birthday, joined a band when I was 18, and was in that band for like 8 years. Then I started my own band, Grave-bait, but it was hard to keep members, so now I'm just a rapper. My music is pretty much the same, just a slight twist on it. But I have been doing music in some form or another for about 15 years.

What instruments do you play? Did it take you a long time to learn them?

I can play Piano, Guitar, and Bass, though none of them particularly well. I started getting pretty good at guitar, but then I started focusing more on beat making and engineering, and have been devoting myself for to that aspect of it. The background of it definitely helps with my current work however.

Is your family musical?

Some of them, but no one immediate. My little Niece Grace loves musical toys like the little toy guitar I got for her. I am going to train her to be in my band. (laughs)

Did your family and friends support the idea of you working in the music industry?

My mom always... Other people, not so much at first. For a long time people told me I suck and that I should stop making music, but I kept at it, and I like to think I'm starting to get pretty good at it. I don't really care much what other people think at this point. I do it for me.

What is your goal as a musician?

World Domination. I am a Super-Villain after all.

But seriously, I don't have to be rich and famous. if I could have a loyal fanbase, and support myself through merch, shows, and CD sales, and not have to have a slave job, I would be completely content.

Which other artists would you say you sound like?

I don't think I sound like anyone. I have been compared to Violent J, Marilyn Manson, and somehow Prozak. (laughs) My music is very industrial rock sounding sometimes, but it's definitely Hip-Hop. I feel what I do is pretty unique. Not many Super-Villains doin' it like I do. (laughs)

Do you or have you ever taught music?

No, but I do try to teach people some of the audio engineering techniques I have learned. I myself have no formal training in music. Everything I know, I pretty much figured out on my own through trial and error and research.

Looking back at your first musical creations, how do you feel?

Ugh. I was pretty horrible then, but it was still what got me to where I am. I like listening to them now and again, but those bad boys are locked up without chance of parole. (laughs)

What is your most memorable experience as a musician?

Playing my recent show. The Venue was named Black Jacks. It's a restaurant/bar with an upstairs where bands perform. It was my first show as a rapper, and my first show in the front. I have played other shows before, but it was always in the background as a keyboardist. There is no feeling like hearing a crowd screaming for you. Only like 40-50 people there, but it was amazing. I opened for my homies in the group Wiked Wood. They are pretty awesome in their own right.

Do you get nervous before performing? How do you handle the nerves?

I'm usually pretty nervous like the week leading up to it, but before the show last time, I just got really calm. And also, I was all hopped up on amphetamines and beer, so it was smooth sailing. (laughs) And whiskey! (laughs)

Have you ever made a mistake during a live performance? How do you deal with it?

Oh yeah. (laughs) This recent show I messed up in my first song. I just kept going, started talking to the crowd. If you dont make a big deal of it, most people won't even realize.

Do you have a difficult time balancing your schedules of music and other obligations?

No, because I pretty much let the rest of my life slide into chaos. I don't really care about anything else but my music at this point. I sort of live on the fringes of society.

What motivates you to keep pursuing music?

Sheer love of it. I enjoy almost every aspect of it, from making the beat, to final mix and master, to promoting it. I used to play a lot of video games, but this has pretty much replaced it. And also, I intend to prove wrong everyone that has ever doubted me with a vengeance.

Subliminal Injection of a Subversive Infection

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      Charity Rae 4 years ago

      Grave Bait is an awesome musician!

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      Jen Hai 4 years ago

      This is quite interesting