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Welcome, into the World of "ALL WHITE BROWNIES"

Updated on December 15, 2015

Pivotal to the Culture of Hip-Hop, legends are born. Legends who leave an impact so great it can only be classified as the nostalgic sound of Ground-Shattering Music. Introducing “All White Brownies”. Metaphoric to their name “All White Brownies” is a duo of urban classic souls with a mix of outter worldly. Both Dris and Duke who go by the name's of xviiDuke and Dris & Love collectively form the group “All White Brownies”. The home-grown Newark emcees are only at the outburst of taking the entire world by clout, with a steadily growing international fan base. Having taken their creative license, Dris and xviiDuke have broken barriers when it comes to stepping outside of the typical box or glass ceiling surrounding “traditional” Hip-Hop. Think of Tupac meets Outkast, but unparalleled All White Brownies' music speaks for itself. Virtually Dris and xviiDuke transmit that their creative power is completely limitless, with the two drawing influence from brilliant minds such as Kayne West, Ceelo Green,Stevie Wonder, Woody Allen and even Socrates. "Yes", these guys are truly Prolific.

"All White Brownies" recently released seven new integrate tracks on Soundcloud; which gained the notoriety of The Rapfest. Their latest song "Jedi Mind F*ck" is simply electrifying! It makes you wonder how a harmony so beautiful, so celestial could be created. Dris went on to flex his incredible vocals on the group's lead single “Runaway”, "Follow me” and “Blue Valentine (Day off)"; while xviiDuke meticulously laid heavy bars on tracks such as "Primetime", "Party Night”, and “So Sophisticated". All seven tracks takes you into the world of "All White Brownies" and exhibits an entirely new feel of high quality lyricism with messages about the system, and embracing your total freedom.

"Welcome to the All White Brownies Show, and this is how All White Brownies Gooo."- (So Sophisticated)

The group was fashioned as Best New Artists to watch. After the release of their song "Peace God Flow", "All White Brownies" gained world-wide recognition for their critically acclaimed mixtape entitled “XVII”.... XVII" is a mixtape of our environment" (xviiDuke States). It was made to tell a story about us growing up and living.

The 19-tracked project depict's Dris' and xviiDuke's most personal thoughts. The song's “Duke’s Home” and “Dris’ Home” were most moving; where they delivered a heartfelt message over a line from Jay'z and Missy Elliot's song Wake Up.“The Ride”, "Fucks with you", “Famous Faces", "17 hunna", and "City Gon Ride” are only a few examples of the fiery tracks the duo rapped on “XVII”. In its success, "XVII" was a impactful body of work, with its intended conveyance of staying true to yourself and showing love to their community. Much like their connection to music; their eternal brotherhood is the bond. With the two knowing each other since the second grade, the duo experienced a lifetime of travels and events together, which only explains how they mesh so well musically and aesthetically.The true message is to be different and to not be afraid of coming into your highest self, "that is what All White Brownies Represent".(Says Dris); we can all be an All white Brownie. Even referencing Wiz Khalifa, he's an All White brownie" states Dris", because he's himself, he's a creator.and I love his work.

"Young Black History". The strong movement of Young Black History which is tatted on Dris' forearm in the letters of "YBH", was the name Dris and xviiDude rapped under before transfiguring as "All White Brownies". In 2011, "YBH" released their Debut Album, "History in the making”. The socially conscious project was the groups lead, where they released two of their most renown songs to-date entitled “That's it" and "Thinking”. Its bold but real message of overcoming life’s obstacles, resonated. Coming from humble beginnings, the two created an awareness from a historical standpoint and rapped about real life.

“What you thinking bout, cause what im thinking bout aint what you thinking bout, cause what im thinking bout is"….Im thinking way left, cause the money on the block came and left ,I cant stress, shorty have cramps like she aint stretch "- Thinking (xviiDuke)..

"See what im thinking bout , aint what they thinking bout.... See my life on some up and down rowdy shit, suns out, snow on the ground, its still cloudy shit, got a shorty a home, but need a b*tch to hit the alley wit, probably hit the valley wit, just to get my mind right " - Thinking (Dris)

In 2013, The group released their highly anticipated project “Black Magic”, where visuals for the songs“ Nihilism” and “So Aggy” were posted. Both Dris and xviiDuke delivered powerful notions as visionaries and travelers. “War, “International Men Of Honor “ and "Track 3" extended a play into the cultural and political awareness of us as people. From their trilogy of work "All White Brownies" undoubtedly prove why they are true Masters of Ceremonies.The two young artist are already in course of influencing and changing an entire generation.

"All White Brownies" will be hitting the road in hopes to rock as many stages as possible. Im sure you will catch the duo on a stage near you. Be sure to check out their songs on Soundcloud and follow them on Instagram and Twitter to see what new Venues "All White Brownies" will be attending. I guarantee you won't want to miss what these two artists have in store.

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© 2015 Sarah Alston


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