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Introducing Cristina Hurtado, a Colombian Beauty

Updated on December 9, 2012

If you Think Sofia Vergara is a hottie, then Cristina might be Next

Cristina Hurtado was born on September 14, 1983 in Copacabana, a suburb from Medellin-Colombia. Medellin was the Capital of the "unending and eternal spring." Cristina had it rough from the beginning. Colombia was living through an identity crisis, after those powerful Cartels.

Cristina, as many new young generations, grew up with an uncertain future. Government and many leftists, along with ultra right wing factions made life in Colombia almost unbearable. But life took a different course, and violence settled for a while.That's when Colombians started to face their own reality. Modeling and clothing began to attract these attractive paisas (Medellin beauties) into the spotlight.

Enter Cristina Hurtado

"Criss" was already in her teens when her mother caught up with her hopes and ambitions as a young woman. Cristina knew she had to make her best moves, and thought of becoming a model. She started dreaming like Tyra Banks or Christy Turlington. By age 15, Her looks would start bringing attention.


Why Colombian Women are So Beautiful?

They even wonder themselves. Why? Because they are a blended mixture of races, that started the 'commingling' process around 1536, when the first Spaniards Conquistadors reached Medellin. Slowly, most east Europeans and Spaniards fearless hidalgos from the Conquest verged their dreams in a melting pot of beauty. After World War II, many Jews and Nordic descendants sailed like Columbus into a new world.

Salma Hayek (Mexican though), Sofia Vergara, Shakira and Cristina Hurtado, they had a past that gets lost into those thousands and one nights. Nature, temperature and a good coffee, 100% Colombian, gave us men the best gift for the eyes.


Behind a good daughter there is a good mom..

Doña Beatriz Eugenia Alvarez raised her daughter with the best morals a Colombian Roman Catholic family can give to their kids. Her passion for cooking gave Cristina an edge for tasting and colors: from morning arepas with queso (white corn bread with feta cheese), Cristina felt that her mom was the best cook and friend. Even today Doña Beatriz Eugenia's bandejas paisas (Colombian dish with fried beans, avocado, over easy and over medium eggs, chopped tomato and fried pork skin), have her daughter coming home for more. She knew her daughter was blossoming into one of the most beautiful woman that certainly would be the envy any U.S. Disney Show, like sleeping beauty or snow white.


Cristina's Breakthrough

Medellin, as mentioned, was a city of top fashion and those butt-enhanced jeans. Cristina's desire to become a model crystallized by being discovered by a local top model agency. Her sculptural body and face, became familiar with Sport-clothing and beauty pageants.

TV Reality Show, "Soap Opera's Newest Top Actors"

In 2003, she signed for this Reality Show (Protagonistas de novella 2, in Spanish). Her acting skills and her scenic creativity were put to the test. Even though she never won she was seen by almost a million of TV audience; she wasn't expecting it, but she met her future couple, Jose Narvaez on the very first day of shooting (June 13, 2003).

RCN Colombian Network

Cristina never won, but Colombian media gave her enough exposure to give her that extra push. Cristina was hired for a fashion blog in a morning news Magazine style, pretty much similar to Good morning America.

Cristina Today

Starting in 2012, Cristina is co-anchoring an E! like style Colombian Show called, "El Lavadero."

She is happily ever after living in Bogota-Colombia with her actual couple, Jose Narvaez and their two kids: Juan Jose and Daniel.


Cristina For The World

Cristina's Birthday will be on September 14. We hate birthdays already since we will turn half a century this coming November. We send you a heartfelt shout out "Criss" and hope to see you succeed in life, and probably in America by 2014. Do not check with "The Donald," just let us know first!


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