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Iron Man 3 Official Trailer & First Look At The Mandarin!

Updated on September 19, 2013

Well, talk about teases. Next years Iron Man 3 is a highly anticipated film for obvious reasons. First, the franchise has done an amazing job with story and special effects. Two, Robert Downey Jr. is phenomenal as the character of Tony Stark.

Last but not least, as I've reported in earlier hubs that Iron Man marks phase II of Marvel Studios theatrical ambitions that lead up to the extremely and highly anticipated Avengers 2!

Us comic book fans and superhero movie fans have long waited for a glimpse of Iron Man 3, and now we finally have it. Marvel has just released it's first trailer for the Iron Avenger, and we finally get a glimpse of what Ben Kingsley will look like as the iconic and evil Mandarin, who is Iron Man's main arch nemesis in comic book lore.

You'll also get a glimpse at Iron Patriot, who will go toe-to-toe with Iron Man. Take a look, and vote on what you think.


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I thought the trailer looked great, and got me further intrigued about what's to come in this third and possibly last installment of an Iron Man flick with Robert Downey Jr portraying the iconic comic book character.

Iron Patriot also looked pretty cool. I'm curious to see what his role is all about besides trying to pounce Iron Man into a Coke can.

As for the first glimpse of Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin, I didn't really care much for the look of the character from this teaser. However, it was a really short glimpse, and couldn't really see his outfit. Just didn't look like The Mandarin to me.

Iron Man 3 opens next April 2013. I'm pretty excited to see it. What about you?

Final Verdict On Iron Man 3

Although Iron Man 3 was a huge box office success, making more than its predecessors, I was highly disappointed by this movie. I believe it to be worse than Iron Man 2.

The main reasons were the villains. I didn't care for their whole fire abilities which made them quite cartoonish looking. Speaking of cartoonish, The Mandarin was completely ruined and nothing more than a joke.

To have one of the greatest and most iconic villains in the Marvel Universe be so wrongly portrayed is inexcusable. Mr. Shane Black, this movie is a terrible translation of Iron Man and the characters within his world of comics.


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    • rabbit75 profile image

      rabbit75 5 years ago

      I agree that Iron Man 2 wasn't that great. I had a lot of beefs with that movie. However, I am pretty excited to see Iron Man 3. The trailer looked interesting. I hope there's a lot more action scenes between Iron Patriot and Iron Man, however.

      To be honest, I'm excited in how they're going to use the next Marvel movies to lead up to the Avengers 2.

    • Dallas Matier profile image

      Dallas Matier 5 years ago from Australia

      Not really sure whether I'm excited or not, to be honest. Iron Man was pretty awesome. But, then, Iron Man 2 was kind of disappointing. Then, The Avengers came long, and it was pretty awesome, too.

      Who knows? This one could go either way.