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Online Promises Of Great Riches

Updated on March 21, 2016

Baby and the Dollar


Why People Go TO The Extreme To Be Rich

Riches and power Hungry!

People have always wanted to be rich. You are no exception either. Riches is power! Riches is the key that opens the doors to all the luxuries in the world. We need the dollar power in our lives. Not all can be rich either. This is because of the simple fact that one has to depend on the other.

"After getting all the wealth of the world.then what?What will it benefit a man if he owns the whole world then he perishes."

Fraudulent People!

Why do the people then organize such systems to fraud people of their hard-earned money?

  • Money as said earlier is power, People need this power.They need to command and be obeyed. They want all the luxuries that the world can give.That is why they design ways to earn from others.You use others like ladders and push them away once you are at the top.
  • Most people are hungry for wealth.They need the cash and are looking for ways and means to get easy money.The need then makes them vulnerable to spammers who will jump at any opportunity to fleece them.
  • The world today is a world of survival for the fittest.It is only the most witty that succeeds.The one who is sly enough makes it to the top.
  • Success in the world today is measured with how much wealth one has. The one with much wealth is termed as the most successful and one with little wealth is also termed as less wealthy. Due to these one needs to be termed wealthy and successful and thus the need to look for a way to achieve the success.The means justifies the end.
  • Technology also presents the spammers with an undetected way of fleecing others.Knowing very well that one cannot be discovered while doing his heinous acts,a person therefore goes on and puts his horses before the wagon and pulls the reins. His trickery is put into practice.
  • Money is the source of all evils. So spamming is most probably one of the evils that money generates.

Care To Be Taken!

Actually one needs to be careful in his quest to become rich and avoid falling prey to these cunning individuals. They will never stop at anything unless they do ensnare the unsuspecting money hunters.Always when the deal looks so good,you have to think before you leap. You have to study the companies which are promising to make people rich. Know which are legit and which arre not.

The Dollar Power

receive money
receive money

Spam Or Scum

Scum Messages!

These messages are many!They come from people who claim to know retired mums who earn a fortune just to rum at computer keys. The deal that the offer looks so good and enticing that one feels like quitting his job immediately and joining the wave.The messages and advertisements are put anywhere that your eyes dare to reach. The email inbox seems the most ideal place for the messages.Where they get one's email address is beyond my imagination.

Where They Appear!

There are so many other places that these messages do appear. In sites where people do blogging business,the spammers do join just to fill the comments with their sweet promises.Very many times one do encounter these messages.

Now with such messages pinned everywhere,one is tempted to join the sites. Temptations are normally followed with prosecuting that temptation. You actually join the site so as to earn the fortune and finally achieve the promised heaven.

What Glitters!

That is when you rudely discover that what glitters is not always gold. You also discover that when the deal looks too good you have to think first. One has to think before leaping. You are at times asked to buy a kit. This kit costs the same money that you are trying to get. Since you have come this far and the big money is at the doorstep,you actually decide to buy this kit. That is when your problems begin. The big money that you were expecting never comes up. What you get is normally points or the dollars trickle in just in meager cents.

At times you may be forced to sign up people in these money making sites. Instead of earning the highly advertised money, you are forced to recruit people who will earn the companies huge sums of money.

In some of the sites,they often disappear immediately they get some money from you. Then they go ahead and prey on other unsuspecting individuals who come in to enrich the already rich guys.


My admiration really goes to how persistent the spammers are. They never give up! They do insist and even if they write you one million letters without your response,they will go to another step and write you another and another. They never bow out of a prospective customer.If getting rich is forced down your throat the way they do,then you will swallow all;hook and bait.We all need the riches,don't we? Yet,let us not use others as ladders!


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    • frankcofrah profile image

      frank nangame 2 years ago from western

      richness ain't cloud of measurement

    • stbrians profile image

      Meshack Bwoyele Keya 3 years ago from Vihiga County,Western Kenya

      One Needs Be Careful Or Should't He?