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Is Boku No Hero Academia Japan’s Beginning of a DC/Marvel-Type Universe?

Updated on March 15, 2018

Over the past 4 years my level of interest in anime has steadily grown as I am a casual observer of the comic adaptations into TV or film and have begun watching more anime. The thing I have noticed with anime is that the worlds of their characters are singular and as such the ability to have an expansive universe is near impossible as they do not have all the characters under a collective umbrella like DC or Marvel. As much as I enjoy anime and the diverse characters and the way they interact with their individual worlds the inability for an interconnectivity always feels like an opportunity is being missed to see how characters such as Monkey D.Luffy, Naruto, Goku and Gon Freecs could be used together to deal with problems on a grander scale.

Which brings me to Boku no Hero Academia a show set in a world of superheroes where the people develop superhuman abilities known as ‘Quirks’ at a young age and dream to reach the prestigious U.A High school which sculpts the heroes of tomorrow. Rather than giving a synopsis of the show I would suggest giving the show a watch if you enjoy anime of the shounen variety, my main point regarding this show is that as we follow the development of our main protagonist Midoriya and the many obstacles he will face it allows the mangaka Kohei Horikoshi to develop a wider universe of characters who have been influenced to become either heroic or villainous which will add depth and variety to the world he has created.

Due to an unwillingness on my part to divulge details of what is currently occurring in the show (I hate spoilers personally!) the continual growth of Midoriya and his fellow classmates intrigues me as what lies in store for them once they graduate their High School and enter the world of professional superheroes where even greater tests await them. This is what intrigues me the most as the world Midoriya inhabits contains a diverse and vast array of characters who have their own motivations and stories to be explored with room for further growth, which is what we see in western comics where the main characters have their own problems but occasionally come together like we see with The Avengers and The Justice League. As I suggested earlier as much as I enjoy shows such as One Piece and Hunter x Hunter in their own worlds seeing an ensemble of them and how they interact and co-operate for a greater good regardless of how they see an issue is most fans dream especially when it is delivered well like a multitude of the Marvel films (D.C will get it right eventually!!).

Watching Midoriya slowly growing is typical of shounen style anime but seeing the finished product and how he continues to develop and influence the other characters around him will be an interesting journey which I hope leads to further in-depth stories based around fringe characters with their own backgrounds and adventures which could lead to a genuine anime super team. Seeing a fully developed Midoriya would allow for cross-generational associations to be drawn by fans as some will grow up watching this character like they have with Naruto and One Piece but unlike those manga the possibility for other mangaka to contribute with a diverse array of characters is an instrumental part of the DC and Marvel universe’s as well as characters being re-imagined for future generations as the characters will have to satisfy the needs of the fanbase.

From this the emergence of an anime based Justice League/Avengers is an appetising prospect certain to generate attention on a global scale. As long as the quality currently achieved by Kohei Horikoshi is maintained the possibilities are endless, which is what I think the world of Boku No Hero Academia embodies as our hero Midoriya struggles with his mental and physical constraints to smash past them onward to his dream. What do you think drop a comment below!

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Imagine this anime superteam!!
Imagine this anime superteam!! | Source


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