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Is Prince Narula Indecisive In The Bigg Boss House?

Updated on November 28, 2015

Prince Narula has been in Bigg Boss from the beginning of the show but this guy has not been consistent in his performance. He has been loud but he has not been able to strike a chord with the audiences.

Prince is actually playing the wait & watch game. Though he has stitched a group with Suyash & Kishwar Merchant but he knows the love birds might backstab him anytime but he has no other option right now.

Everytime a new wild card entry comes into the house Prince is the first person to lick them. He seems to be in double mind most of the time.

He started pleasing Priya Malik on her first day in the house & again started doing weird things during the task.

Initially, he also wanted to please Mandana but the fact that she has been loggerheads with Kishwar which means that he has to maintain distance from her.

After a session with Babaji he had changed his tone & behavior but again he was back licking Suyash & Kishwar.

Once a task is over he doesn't keep the tempo & this is because of his indecisive nature in the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss has given a bumper task to the participants. Winner of this task will get 2 weeks immunity from nominations. Let's see if Prince can win this task. I think he will try all the dirty tricks to win it.

It would be great to see how he reacts or conducts himself if Suyash & Kishwar ditches him or one of them gets eliminated.

Priya Malik has been & will try to break the group but let's see if he cracks or not. Any guesses?

Will Prince Narula Reach The Final Week of Bigg Boss 9 ?

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