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Is Star Wars Immoral?

Updated on December 23, 2017
Corey Campbell profile image

Corey has been a student all his life but his cynical outlook comes from his external experiences and shaping his personality.

When I was watching the Original Trilogy this week, I realised that the stormtroopers are killed in brutal ways all the time yet nobody seems to care. Of course it is just an entertaining film franchise aimed at children, but the brutal murder of stormtroopers is evident in most scenes.

In A New Hope alone, 46 stormtroopers were killed on screen, not including those killed in the destruction of the Death Star. While 46 stormtroopers were killed only they only killed 10 people in the whole film, 7 of which were within the first 15 minutes.

Now this would, under normal circumstances, be devastating however, the stormtroopers have helmets that cover their faces making their identities irrelavent. If we do not know anything about the character we don't tend to care about their death.

Personally, I feel this has been perpetuated by the constant vilification of the stormtroopers that are actually just following the orders and must suffer as much (if not more) than those at the Rebel Alliance.

A pile of stormtroopers killed within a minute during the Battle of Endor
A pile of stormtroopers killed within a minute during the Battle of Endor

This concept, on closer inspection, was also apparent in the Prequel Trilogy when we saw clones being slaughtered in waves but felt no emotion as we were told by the Kaminoans and the Jedi that the clones are expendable.

The clones were slaughtered throughout the films and we assumed this was just for the greater good but what if the Jedi are not the right side to back? The separatists actually seem better than the republic in the films as they are fighting for their freedom without putting actual lives of their soldiers at risk, instead using droids that can be replaced easily.

What are your thoughts on this? Please let me know in the comments!


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    • Corey Campbell profile imageAUTHOR

      Corey Campbell 

      2 years ago from United Kingdom

      Joe Matallanes - I understand this, that's why I wanted to write about it and this is supposed to be an alternative viewpoint for the Star Wars stories that we all know and love! Thanks for the feed back though mate!

    • mata311 profile image

      Joe Matallanes 

      2 years ago from Fox Lake

      To be Fair the Clones were created to be disposable soldiers. In all wars, the grunts are cannon fodder, that's just how wars work.


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