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Is The Word

Updated on November 14, 2015

Classic Opening Theme!

Grease IS The Word!

The film, Grease, premiered in Hollywood on May of 1978 which was one month before I was born. It’s my favorite musical. There are plenty of other fantastic musical films out there. This I believe surpasses all of those as being number one because of the simple creativity and realistic situations. Not that other musicals don’t have that. To me, this is the best film that has ever been adapted to music...ever!

I watched the 25th Anniversary interview with the cast on MTV in 2003. Olivia Newton-John (Sandy) told viewers that the infamous leather pants she wore for the classic “You’re The One That I Want” scene had to be sewn onto her. All that just to look undeniably sexy in leather? Eh, I’d do it! I’ve always thought that John Travolta (Danny) and Olivia looked amazing together. I remember how said I was realizing they weren’t a real life couple. They also did another film together later in 1983 called “Two Of A Kind” which they both excelled in as well. “Two Of A Kind” is more of a lighthearted romantic drama. I’ll critique that film next.

Realistic Situations!

The situations the film touched on was very controversial in it’s day especially for a musical. One the character’s is promiscuous and fears she could be pregnant. It has a more slightly less dangerous gang scene unlike in “West Side Story”. The guys are just rebels who compete in their driving and gallivanting after women; just your typical teenage male ego at stake here is all.

Sandy’s urge to fit in with the “Pink Ladies” is all very to relate to the innocent outsider who is unfamiliar with the culture. I was Sandy in high school, but never made it in a “Pink Ladies” type of click. I had plenty of true friends (about three), and just like Sandy, I struggled to figure out who I was.

Danny (Travolta) had a memorable scene where he is reunited with Sandy, (Newton-John). It’s obvious how in love he still is with her so much that he forgets his friends are all watching him. Being unheard of for their immature group, Danny plays it cool more for his friends benefit. Basically, He didn’t want his buddies to see him as a lovesick puppy who’s easily swayed by a woman. Reputation was key at any public high school. Thankfully, for us outsiders, it diminishes completely after we graduate.

Summer Nights

Greased Lightning!

Location. Location. Location.

Grease was filmed in Los Angeles. I road past the Los Angeles River today where the Thunder Road scene was filmed (parts of Terminator II were filmed there as well). Venice High School was the school that was used for Rydell. I can't wait to see that! Malibu Beach where the opening scene was filmed (Karate Kid was filmed there too).

The DVD Rockin' Rydell Edition with Cast Interviews

All Done!

Well, I'm done plugging this film. Now, you need watch this movie yourself. You should be by now! If you have already seen it then watch it again. And again! Come on! What are you waiting for???


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