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Is Tupac Shakur Really Dead?

Updated on January 7, 2018

Name: Tupac Amaru Shakur a.k.a. Lesane Parish Crooks

Meaning: Tupac Amaru = Shining Serpent; Shakur = Thankful to god in Arabic

Born: New York University Hospital, Brooklyn, New York

D.O.B: June 16th, I971

R.I.P: Friday 13th September, 1996, Las Vegas, Nevada

Mother: Afeni Shakur a.k.a. Alice Faye Williams

Father: Mutulu Shakur a.k.a. Jeral Wayne Williams

Biological Father: William Garland

Godfather: Elmer "Geronimo Pratt"

Half brother: Mutulu Maurice Harding (Mopreme)

Aunt: Assata Shakur

Aunt: Loria Shakur

Uncle: Zayd Shakur

Marital Status: Divorced: Keisha Morris

Album releases: 2pacalypse Now
Strictly 4 my N.I.G.G.A.Z.
Thug Life Vol. 1
Me Against the World
All Eyez on Me
The Don Killuminati: the 7 Day Theory (Makaveli)
R U Still Down? [Remember Me]
2pac's Greatest Hits

Films credits (release): Juice (1990)
Poetic Justice (1993)
Above the Rim (1994)
Gridlock'd (1997)
Bullet (1997)
Gang Related (1997)

Education: Harlem theater group (27th St. Ensemble)
Rolling Park Junior High
Tamalpais High School
Baltimore School of Arts

Who was Tupac Shakur?

Tupac Shakur was a lyrical genius who used the style of rap to its greatest potential. He lifted the style to its supreme heights and made it a global trend. Until Tupac came along rap was a small and mostly unheard of style which nobody really paid attention to but once this man stepped into the scene, he had transformed it into what you hear today. Of course you had Dr. Dre and N.W.A. but the trend was not at its full potential. Enter 2pac and the scene has been changed forever.

He began his singing career as MC New York as part of Digital Underground and then progressed to his first solo album in 2pacalypse Now, in which he first used his new Artist name in "2pac". He was again to change his recording name to "Makaveli" after the Italian war tactician Nicollo Machiavelli. He had a huge impact on other artists as well such as "Bone Thugs 'n' Harmony" who named their album "The Art of War" in which Tupac features on a few tracks such as "Thug Luv".

Unfortunately, Tupac Shakur had a bitter rivalry with once friend, Christopher Wallace, a.k.a. "Notorious BIG". This rivalry had escalated from where each (2pac and BIG) had claimed one had copied the others style. They continued to accuse each other and a bitter rivalry formed separating the East coast from the West coast, so much so that the rap community had been spilt into two groups. Death Row Records (the recording label in which 2pac belonged to) and Bad Boy Records (in which Notorious belonged to) had become great rivals and took and chance to insult each other to the point where Tupac was shot five times, and then accused Biggie of setting the shooting up.

Then came the songs such as "Hit 'em up" which were used to accuse and belittle each other. The rap community had been well and truly split up, however, the awareness of rap and sales had increased dramatically and had effectively taken the rap art form to a whole new level and had even placed it on the map as a style all on its own.

Tupac Shakur's last album released was Makaveli The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. The reason it has been named so is because those closest to 2pac say that he had written and recorded the album in its entire completed form in a solitary week.

While leaving Mike Tyson's comeback fight, Tupac and Death Row CEO Suge Knight had been caught on video in a confrontation. Later that night, Shakur and Knight had been attacked while sitting at a red light. A gunman had got out of the car next to them and opened fire upon the passenger side and Shakur was taken to hospital in critical condition. Knight had escaped with a grazed head. Seven days later, Shakur was pronounced dead at the time of 4:03 PM.

How Did Tupac Die?

It was the night of the 7th of September and the setting was the long anticipated comeback fight of Iron Mike Tyson, fresh out of jail. There were thousands of people at this event in Las Vegas, Nevada, including Tupac Shakur and Marion "Suge" Knight.

On the way out of the fight, Tupac and Suge were caught on security surveilance beating up Orlando Anderson, a known gang member, for no apparent reason as they left.

Tupac then rode in Suge's black BMW 750 heading towards Suge's famous Club 662. At a set of red lights on Flamingo Road, six cars stopped. A white Cadillac pulled up alongside, a man got out of it, walked over to the passenger window and shot Tupac 4 times while Suge was grazed. Tupac wasn't wearing his usual protective vest. He was rushed by paramedics to the University Medical Centre.

Seven days later, on Friday the 13th of September 1996, Tupac Shakur died as a result of respiratory problems. Doctors had removed a lung to assist breathing, and he underwent a medically induced coma.

There have been many theories and suggested plots of who planned, executed and was involved in Tupac's shooting. Some say it may have been an associate of Orlando Anderson's, some say it was Anderson himself, some say Suge was involved because Tupac's contract with Death Row was almost up. Others say it was East VS West gang warfare getting out of hand, while others say it was all a scheme, and that Tupac lives...

Speculation About Tupac's Death

There has been a hell of a lot of debate over whether Tupac is dead or not. The supposed "Suge shot him" at the beginning of 'Bomb First' and probably the entire song of "Can't c me" fuelled these beliefs. All these 7's and 3's also seem to add to speculation.

For those VERY few that don't know I will explain the "Suge shot him" comment. If you listen very carefully to first 3 or so seconds of 'Bomb First' you hear a muffled voice state "Suge shot him". Now your guess is as good as mine at whether or not this is true.

Suge put up Tupac's $1 million bail in return for a contract of 3 albums to Death Row. His first album, All Eyez On Me, was phenomenal, and then his second: Makaveli: The Seven Day Theory sold 600,000 copies in it's first month of release world wide.

Tupac's dream was to own his own record label (which his mother now has done with Amaru Records) and Suge didn't want to lose his biggest money earner, plus if Tupac did realise his dream, he would be competing against Suge, not desirable to Suge. Death Row became a world wide identity and that Death Row symbol became infamous because of "All Eyez On Me".

The cover of Makaveli, has the crucifix, with one significant change;
Tupac is hanging on the cross. If you listen to the first three tracks (Bomb First, Hail Mary, Toss It Up) there is a bell ringing in each. Which significant figure comes to mind that was resurrected after 3 days? Jesus Christ, which ties in with the front cover. This is somewhat cryptic to say the least.

So what's with Seven Day Theory? It has been said that Tupac wrote the entire album in 7 days. Tupac lived for seven days after being shot (6th - 13th). His age when he died (25) when added up equals 7 (2+5=7). There are many other silly little things that people also read into.

In 'Blasphemy' Tupac says "I'm contemplating thoughts, wondering the thought to go, brother getting shot coming back resurrected". This also relates back to the Jesus theme.

Why Would Tupac Have Faked His Death?

  • With a mystery surrounding 2pac's death, and nobody knowing 100% for sure whether he is dead or not, anything connected with 2pac's name will skyrocket in value.
  • Some say that if he lived through being shot five times, why couldn't he live through this? He is too tough and smart to be killed so easily. This is especially true when he lived for seven days in hospital, how come without warning he died?
  • In many songs, Tupac drops hints at leaving this world, with an intention to come back just like Jesus Christ. Will he be crowned the "Black Jezus"?
  • There is no denying Tupac had the brains, resources and pure nerve to be able to fake his death - and get away with it.
  • With so many unreleased songs and tracks in the Death Row Archives, he no longer needs to record more music, to date, there have been 3 more albums released after his death, with NUMEROUS unreleased bootleg copy CD's.
  • With all the unwanted attention Tupac was receiving from the media and other significant figures (such as Dan Quayle), maybe he just wanted to get away from it all and live in peace.
  • Apparently Tupac never left home without his bullet-proof vest, then why, on the night where he is vulnerable to attacks (that is, a public appearance at the Tyson vs. Sheldon fight at MGM in Nevada) he does not wear it? A little strange if you ask me.


The New York Shooting

First we must go back to November 30th, 1994. At 12:20 a.m., Tupac and his entourage of three men, including "Stretch" Walker of the Live Squad who was a close friend and his manager Freddie Moore, entered the building. One black male sits on a desk in the entranceway of the office building where the Quad is located. The man gets up from the desk as two other men walk through the door. Little Caesar had yelled down to Tupac's crew from the top of the recording studio so Tupac knew Biggie was there and felt safe thinking that these men were his security. The three men start to follow Tupac's entourage until they get to the elevators. It is at this point that they draw their guns and yell, "Give up the jewellery, and get on the floor!" Tupac's entourage quickly get on the floor but Tupac curses the gunmen and goes for one of the guns. In the struggle, Tupac is shot five times while his manager is hit once. The robbers then get off with $40,000 in jewellery. Moore gives chase to the robbers but collapses next door. Tupac is dragged into the elevator and taken upstairs where there are several well known individuals including Biggie Smalls and Sean "Puffy" Combs. Tupac would later describe the scene as very strange. He said that nobody even got up to help him but only stared at him as if they were surprised he was alive. Tupac said that the only person showing any emotion was Little Shawn who was crying. Later Tupac would mimic this scene in a rare video in which he walks from the elevator covered with blood as Biggie begs for his life blaming Puffy for the set up. This was perhaps Tupac's way of getting the truth to his fans. As he lay riddled with bullets, Tupac reportedly had someone roll him a joint and then he made a call to his girlfriend who called his mother and then he called 911.

Niccolo Machiavelli

Machiavelli emphasizes the value of surprise and the consequent need for security. Secrecy of plans is one of the most important aspects of all operations. These principles rely on the use of deceit and the doctrine of appearances.
The name Makaveli, employed by 2pac upon release of The 7 day Theory, was a 17th century war tactician. In the album where 2pac sings with the Bone Thugs and Harmony (Thug Love), the album is called "Art of War", coincidentally a book written by Sun Tzu, another war tactician. On "All Eyez On Me", 2pac called the CD's "Book One" and "Book Two", what Machiavelli called the chapters in The "Art of War" book he wrote.

When you are aware that the enemy is acquainted with your designs, you must change them.
Perhaps this is what many have interpreted as where 2pac found his "faked death" idea. His enemies being Biggie and probably the media. This possibly is where 2pac saw the similarities between himself and Machiavelli's citings, and therefore the "switch my name to Makaveli, half the rap game knows it".

The adjective "Machiavellian" has become a pejorative used to describe a politician who manipulates others in an opportunistic and deceptive way.
2pac has many lyrics which he seems to be sending the message that he will disappear and that he cannot be seen, but is still out there. "I'm coming back reincarnated, incarcerated", "all up in ya face, but you still can't see me", "if y'all wanna see me again, rewind this track right here, close ya eyes, and picture me rollin' ".

Another thing, what was it with 2pac and his fascination with war tacticians? As already mentioned, he has been connected to Sun Tzu, Niccolo Machiavelli and now Don Killuminati, who apparently faked his death.

Do You Think Tupac Faked His Death?

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Dead Or Alive Theories

In my opinion, Tupac Shakur died on the 13th of September primarily from gun shot wounds.

No matter how many 7's are put together, no matter how many reasons of how he will benefit from his faked death, what Machiavelli preached, I don't care, Tupac Shakur died on the 13th of September from gun shot wounds. End of story.

If Tupac was basing his 'resurrection' on Jesus, but in seven days instead of 3 (7 day theory), then he should have been back now. He isn't, although some people say listen to Can't c me ("..all up in ya face, bu u still can't c me.."). I figure this is a taunt to other authorities rather than you and I.

I seriously doubt that Tupac wasted his time worrying about everything being the number seven, I am sure he would had better things to do with his time, like maybe getting working on a song or trying to get some into some girls pants.

I would love for Tupac to still be alive and be bumpin' out more tunes like "Hit 'em up, Holla At Me, Only God Can Judge Me, Krazy and Hail Mary", but I am afraid he is gone, but definitely not forgotten...


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