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Why Your Smart TV Spying On You Is No Big Deal!

Updated on July 16, 2015

65" Sony 4K Ultra HD TV


It seems only like yesterday when your television set was just a television. Now days smart TV's have the ability to use apps such as netflix and facebook. You can now surf the web, play games, and convert your TV to a computer monitor if you wish. With all the fascinating things you can do with a TV, there is one Smart TV feature that is a major concern for some people. But is it as bad as it really seems?


Voice Recognition is a feature on some Smart TVs that allow the user to use voice commands to control the television. It seems like a cool feature when you realize you no longer have to search for that missing remote control. Recently people are upset because they have learned that this technology is being used to record your personal conversations. Why should this surprise anyone though? Honestly, who the hell cares?

As technology continues to evolve, we will continue to notice that our personal lives are not so secure after all. It was only a few years ago when Xbox made the news for allowing the NSA to spy on gamers. No one that I know has reconsidered buying an Xbox because of this news. With that said I also feel that the sales of Smart TV's will not diminish just because our conversations are recorded.

Samsung UN55HU7250 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Smart LED TV


It comes a time when we have to be truthful with ourselves about the direction we are going in as a society. We are trading our basic human rights for entertainment. Samsung made it clear that they are not alone when they said "This is now the industry standard". So not only have Samsung been infringing on our rights, so has probably every other organization that makes Smart TV's with voice recognition.

This is no conspiracy theory people. This is reality. As long as tech companies continue to make the best and most trendy technologies, why even give a damn?

8/3/2013 Alex Jones Info Wars YouTube channel uploaded a video reporting on Smart TV's spying on you. I guess with only 30 thousand views not enough people noticed. The scary part about the Info Wars report on this issue was that not only are they listening but they can be watching you as well. This is truly an example of repackaged old news. If we really gave a damn then we would care before the mainstream media makes it a big deal. Check out the video of the Info Wars report a little over two years ago.

Do You Care If Your TV Spy's On You?

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