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Isabelle Caro: Dead at 28

Updated on April 12, 2016

Starving Herself To Stay Young But Found Her Grave Instead

Isabelle Caro was born on Sept. 12, 1982, and she died on Nov. 17, 2010, at the young age of 28. Caro was a French model who had struggled with anorexia since the age of 13. It is safe to assume that anorexia was the cause of her death. Her childhood was isolated because her mother's greatest fear was that she would grow up. Caro's battle with anorexia may have been either due to her determination to make her mother happy or her need to establish control in a life that she had no control over.

In these tough economic times, fashion designers use less material for sample clothing (what runway models wear) which leads to smaller sizes. If the model can't fit in the clothes, then she or he is out of a job. Although some of the media is going to great lengths to blame the fashion designers for the outbreak of eating disorders, they may not be entirely to blame. There are some fashion models who begin modeling at a young age at the urging of their parents, and therefore they may have not had control over the decision to become models.

When someone begins a diet, he or she is attempting to manipulate her or his weight in order to gain control over it; they want to drop or gain a few pounds. When that person develops an eating disorder is when he/she takes that need for control over his/her life to the extreme. This is the time that he/she should seek treatment in order to prevent the unavoidable outcome that always comes with untreated eating disorders, death.

Isabelle Caro was a model but models aren't the only ones who develop eating disorder. Therefore, that tells you that fashion designers are not entirely to blame for eating disorders. Although, according to mademan, there were five models to die from eater disorders in 2006: Ana Carolina Reston, Maiara Galvao Vieira, Hila Elmalich, and Eliana and Luisel Ramos. The entertainment industry does have a little fault in the development of eating disorders, but it cannot be blamed entirely for it.

Although Caro died in November 2010, her death went unreported for a month. Was that to hide the fact that she was probably not seeking treatment? Some family support.

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