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It would be an abomination to remake the Crow.

Updated on October 8, 2014

Let sleeping Crow's lie...

I admit, even myself are getting sick of remakes.

It will be such an abomination.

Well it does seem like damnation for those who have stepped into the shoes of the Crow of the last two movies.

But thinking that Edward Furlong did a great job in The Terminator film and a few other films, he couldn't fit into the shoes of Brandon Lee.

Yes I know the stories were different, but your going to go from a martial artist, Brandon Lee, the son of Bruce Lee and your going to follow up with Edward, then you truly lost something in the meaning and spirit of the film.

Yes, there was another film, but believe me, I can't remember the actors name who played the Crow.

Actually it did help the role of the Crow, for Brandon Lee because he trained in martial arts.

Even though I admit the person that did a good job on the tv series was actually Mark Dacascos, and I know when it released on Netfilx I'm going to have a great marathon of show to watch.

I, for one, am getting sick of remakes.

There are many talented film makers out there.

Yet, I am told it is all about the money, but if you really look up some of the block busters and some of the remakes they look like they lose some money.

I think the thing is, no one wants to invest their money in something new, because they don't want to lose money.

Ok, I get that and do understand people don't want to lose money.

But I been reading that millions are spent on films and sometimes they don't look like they break even sometimes after they are in the theatre.

Yes, of course the actors do get paid one way or the other, so they are all set.

Who am I to say as long as people get their millions of dollars right?

Going back to the Crow, if they want to continue the story instead of remaking it, it might sit better with Crow fans, but maybe they should look into a martial artist who is Asian, because believe or not, Brandon made the Role.

Would we know if Brandon would have done it further after that? We don't know, and we never will.

I think Brandon wanted to branch out and try to become a little bit seperate than his famous father, Bruce Lee.

So I do think the Crow really made Brandon stand out from his father so it worked for him.

I keep hearing many people they want to cast as the Crow and yes like many Crow fans, I cringe.

Once again, I think the selection in casting the Crow, should be a responsibility of someone who really understand about the role and it seems like people they were lining up, they just can't understand.

In some castings they should have people that indeed truly know about a character and can truly understand what the depths are about the character that has been done.

I do know why remakes are getting made and once again people feel say in investing their money in something they feel safe that has been done and want to show a new generation, and I get that.

But, think, this is the son of Bruce Lee, and people seriously can not grasp the depths of the whole legacy of the Lee family and what was left behind.

Of course people that don't understand this, say it will not matter.

What it is, is like a slap in the face to all hardcore Crow fans because more than likely with the Crow, they probably all love Brandon Lee, so go figure they are never going to think anybody following Brandon is never going to embody the role like Brandon did.

They shouldn't remake it, but continue the story if someone really wanted to invest more into the Crow.

I think you really need someone who does train in martial arts, to do the Crow Character or someone who has a little bit of training to do the character.

Yes, I would love to see it not remade or to be continued.

But we all know, we can't stop people with money and they are going to do it.

I think people seriously need to be careful casting anyone that is going to be the next Crow.

Think about.

You want to step into a character of Brandon Lee, Bruce Lee's son, that is seriously big shoes to fill.

You should do all your research on Brandon Lee and Bruce Lee and respect the legacy left behind.

I think anyone that does want to be the next Crow should do it so with respect for the Lee family.

What Brandon left behind was a character that is truly beloved by many people.

The character is filled with anguish and I think that Brandon had to go through things in life, because he must have had some pressure on his shoulders because Bruce Lee was his father.

I must believe like most sons and children of people like the late great Bruce Lee, they want to step out of their parents shadow and come into their own.

Brandon did achieve just that.

How the Crow character evolved, we will never know deep inside what Brandon Lee had to go through his whole life, because Bruce Lee was his dad.

Can we all say we know what Brandon could have gone through, knowing his father passed away at a very young age and people knowing his father more than him. People must have been telling him, I known your father and had to tell him stories all about his father.

Then Brandon had to step into the limelight and had to try to come into his own in the acting world.

I don't think anyone can imagine how hard it was to over come an obstacle like that.

Brandon proved himself.

So for those that do want to remake the Crow, you better understand it isn't just about the film or the character of the Crow, but about part of a legacy that was left behind by a great human being.

This goes way beyond just the film, and it is very deep because of the main character, the life of a man who was part of such a legacy that was really well respected throughout the world.

Once again, of course who am I to say.

I can't beat the big wigs who can hold the say in making all those big films in Hollywood.

Believe me, if I did a fan film, I would be someone who indeed would so do it in a respectful way and cast an actor that is a martial artist that could respect to Brandon and the whole Lee legacy.

Being a Crow fan and loving the film and Brandon, what can I say. But like all classics sometimes when an actor passes away, it is better leave it be.

Then again thank goodness Mark Dacascos, could give a little bit of respect back to the Crow, and I don't know if anyone else could.

All I know is I love the film and yes love does go beyond death because indeed I love Brandon Lee and Bruce Lee and they are part of legacy that will live on in many people's hearts.


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