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It's About Time to Watch "About Time"

Updated on July 10, 2014
courtesy of Universal Pictures
courtesy of Universal Pictures

Written and directed by: Richard Curtis


Domhnall Gleeson as Tim
Rachel Mc Adams as Mary
Bill Nighy as Tim's dad

Shown: September to December 2013 in different countries.

Genre: Fiction/Drama


When Tim turned 21, his dad told him a family secret that all men in his family has the ability to travel back in time and relive the past. That he can revisit any moment in his life to try different things until he gets them perfectly right.

He then uses this ability to win the heart of the woman he likes, correct his mistakes and learn many things along the way.

There maybe a lot of time travel movies shown before but this movie "About Time" was done uniquely tasteful. It would make you see and live life differently and positively. it would make you realize that no matter how many times you turn back and try to turn things around, there are some things you still can never change like make someone fall in love with you. That there are some days in your life you would only want to go through once and wished that it didn't happened like the death of a loved one. That it's not bad to make mistakes sometimes if it's the only way you can learn to make things right. To not let all the tensions and worries in life stop you from noticing how sweet the world can be.

In reality, we cannot undo what we have done in the past but in the present, we can be careful not to make the same mistakes. Time is gold as the saying goes. Really, time is too precious to spent it dwelling on things that makes us feel bad and hurt.

"About Time" speaks about living life to the fullest, appreciating every moment and how you can still turn a bad day into a good one. Live life in a positive perspective, live without regrets.

This movie can be boring for some but as for me, a movie is only boring if it makes no sense. "About Time" is done lightly yet it has a lot of sense and positivity.

If you have a chance to turn back time, what would you do?

(Feel free to write your thoughts in the comment section below)

© 2014 Caroline Guillermo


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