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It's All About Location.

Updated on December 29, 2009


It's All About Location!


Hey, Hell's rocking about now,

they just got in a busload of

die-hard gamblers from a swingers club,

most of 'em died in mid-act,

when the bus rolled off near Hoover dam,

and their finishing their copulations here. 


Woo, it's simmering in the receiving chambers,

Saturdays nights are always hopping.

420 drunk drivers nationwide,

beer battered and soon to be

cooking in their own juice,

just staggered in looking for a drink,

they thought we were just another hot joint.


16 prostitutes hooked up with

the wrong johns and got dumped

from promising professions.
Plus, get this, we're rolling out

the blazing red carpet, for a V.I.P.

fresh from D.C.

Seems old Dumb-ya Bush went

on a spur of the moment hunting trip

with sure shot Dick Cheney,

who was soused to the gills.

Bush was out urinating on his namesake,

and Dick got him right in

the little brains he had left.

We got 33 executed death row inmates,

fully awake from their shots, and mixing

it up with the hookers,

seven Mormon fathers who committed suicide,

over their pedophilia and the consequences

of bopping their underage daughters,

and forty two terrorists of various nations

fighting it out by the gate.


“Grab your pitchfork,

let's round em' up

for the bonfire,

I get George,

I'm a deadicated demoncrat,

I've been waiting for this

for a hell of a  long time!!!”     


“Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em!”




Meanwhile in heaven

St. Peter is dozing,

two hours after he let in

four Sunday school teachers,

all over 60,

seven invalids from the

Baptist Bible nursing home

swine flu epidemic,

and a couple of pot-bellied

missionaries who crashed

their Cessna in a remote part of Africa...


God's a wee bit bored,

he's been playing with

an X-box life size game

of "Halo" all evening.



Bon voyage

to any departing in 2009








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