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The 2012 Election Is Almost Here!

Updated on November 1, 2012

Celebrating Another Election Year

It has been two days since the clock struck midnite, signaling the start of a new year. Sure there was the usual revelry reserved for New Year's Eve celebrations and Superbowl victories, but this year there was extra reason for gikood cheer. You see, 2012 is an election year.

So, naturally the celebrations around the country on New Year's Eve were a little more boisterous than in regular years. After all, we have eleven months of entertaining political ads on television, not too mention the humorous radio spots and the internet has surely caught on with this trend. It seems everywhere you turn there is another ad telling us who not to vote for.

We have not even figured out who President Obama's challenger will be yet, but the media is rolling ahead at full steam. They are always ready to give us their unbiased opinion on who we must vote for and rest assured that their advertisers wishes do not sway their opinions at all. After all, this is America's number one reality show and who would want to mess with its credibilty?

Many of these advertisements we will see and hear will contain useful information that will help us make the best decision on election day. Many Americans will not remember these tidbits as we are at the polls, due to the fact that in November our minds are concentrating on more urgent issues, such as the BCS rankings. Still, these ads offer much that can help us pick our next President.

The most important information is the problems the canidates make. Sure, I know what you are thinking, that promises mean nothing. We are Americans and we want action! However, words like these have little effect, other than making other Nations grow concerned.

So lets look at this from a logical standpoint. We all know that canidates never keep their promises upon being elected That has never been the point of electing our leaders. Simply vote for the guy or girl who makes the most promises that you would like to see kept. This way, you will be able to spend the next four years saying that the canidate sounded good during the campaign stops.

It is also important that we consider the canidates appearance. Presidents are often required to give speeches in front of the entire world, so we want to make sure they are visually appealing to the masses. We don't want France to think we have no sense of taste.

So my fellow Americans, I implore you to take in the information available in the countless ads that you will view. Ask yourself if this canidate made enough good promises before casting that vote. Last, but not least, ask yourself if the canidate would be considered attractive to the good people of France.


Okay, this bit was written from a humorous perspective. Sometimes it really surprises me to watch the election process and see all the menial things that are used in order to sway people's opinions.

Electing a president is a very serious event and I would love to see everybody concentrate on the real issues. Whoever we elect will be our leader for the next four years and they will be the face who represents us in the world. These things should not be taken lightly.

We Americans are priveledged to have a voice in our government and should excersize that right by gathering all the facts and making a truely informed decision. So I encourage all of you to do the research and make your voice heard. Our country is facing some difficult decisions ahead and we all need to be a part of the process.


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