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Ivankov VS Mayuri

Updated on March 28, 2014


It was a common day in the Shinigami wold and Capatin Kurotsuchi was off to start a new research about a type of specimen he discovered yesterday. His currently working on creating a battle pill which can enhance a warriors healing ability during battle. However, he had no luck in searching for a new specimen which can give him clues on how to develop such a very powerful pill. Meanwhile, Emeprio Ivankov which is known as the Queen of the New Kama Land and is as usual throwing a party on his huge castle. The celebration went on and all of his followers danced and sang all over their kingdom. However, none of them expected the dark chapter in their kingdom which is about to unfold.

Mayuri read thousands of books and had a clue about the existence of a race known as Queers where their leader has the ability to manipulate hormones and increases a warrior's battle capabilities in several notches. This interest him so much to the point that we immediately went to the living world to investigate. His destination; New Kama Land! The epic battle between two strangest anime character ever made is about to unfold!

Emporio Ivankov


Revolutionary Commander, Queen


Revolutionary Army, Kamabakka Kingdom, New Kama Land




January 8th


6 feet 5 inches

Famous Quote:


Strength: Ivankov is known as the "Miracle worker" because of peculiar power which can intensify a warrior's ability to a certain extent. He can use it towards himself as well. This power came from the Devil Fruit known as "Horu Horu No Mi" as he ate it and allowed him to inflict hormones to one's body which causes intense increase in healing ability, speed and strength. He also have several powerful techniques behind his sleeves which includes "Death Wink", ""Hell Wink" and his make-up masks. Death wink is a very funny but powerful technique which creates a huge blast as he winks. Hell wink on the other hand is possible with the use of his devil fruit power as he transforms himself into a woman. He also has exceptional hand to hand combat abilities and can wrestle anyone with his peculiar large size. His big afro hair allows him to let people stay and be safe there as well. Ivankov values friendship and will save others as long as he is striving and eager to live. He stands of to what he believe is right and as a Revolutionary, aims to be a catalyst of change to create a just world.

Weakness: Like any other Devil Fruit user, he can't swim. This is a curse which all pirates which such an ability suffer from. Moreover, he tends to be distracted once his friends are in danger. There are a couple instance where he ended up flying due to an enemy's hit because he was so concerned about the situation of his friends.

Fighting Techniques: His main power is centered on inflicting hormones with varied effects. A certain hormone can increase an individual's healing power, while others can boost speed and power. In fact, he has the power to turn a man into a woman through his hormones injected with the use of his fingers. His main techniques are Death Wink and Hell Wink while he can also guard himself from enemy attack with a mask of thick makeup.

Mayuri Kurotsuchi


President of the Shinigami Research and Development Institute

Captain of the 12th Division


Soul Society

Gotei 13

Shinigami Research and Development Institute




March 30


5 feet 8 inches

Famous Quote:

"I can't wait to test on you!" (Creepy look XD)

Strength: No one in the Shinigami world can beat Mayuri when it comes to ruthlessness. In fact, his main goal in all his fights is not win but to experiment on the enemy afterwards which makes him really scary. He also comes prepared in all of his matches. He tends to be ready given any given situation. Even if an enemy seems to have the upper hand on the battle, he always emerge victorious after using a special technique specifically made for the said enemy. He can inflict fear even for those who don't know its meaning.

Weakness: He is almost perfect when it comes to battle because a genius like him can easily come up with wonderful ideas on how to defeat a strong opponent. With a high riatsu level and a very dangerous Zanpakuto, he is almost indestructible. However, he lacks the skill to use his sword. He is also slower compared to other Captains. This is very evident as he always takes hits in most of his fights. Moreover, he also tends to be hardheaded when it comes to instructions and would prefer to work on his own rather on a team. Some disputes even arouse as he insulted another Captain which is only one of the proofs that Mayuri does not consider his allies as friends.

Fighting Techniques: He is an expert in modifying bodies and even applied most of his experiments on himself. This gave him the power to transform in a liquid form which helps him on tight situations. He also invented numerous injections and weapons which aids him in battle as well. In fact, a certain injection can instantly heal any type of wound in an instant and even recreate body parts if they were completely damaged. How sick is that? His sword's bankai form resembles a very huge baby which can exhale poison and trample on enemies using its size.


Mayuri finds himself in a castle where it seems that a feast was recently held. Everyone in the kingdom was sleeping except Inazuma who was on guard. He rushed and launched a surprise attack to keep Mayuri off-guard but it was just what Mayuri planned. Before he knew it, Inazuma was poisoned by Mayuri's zanpakuto which paralyzed him. Mayuri was about to deliver the finishing blow but a huge blast from a far stopped him from ending Inazuma's life. It was Ivankov with his death wink! Mayuri was so glad his intuitions were write about Ivankov's existence. This split second of surprise gave Ivankov the chance to unleash a furious kick. Mayuri barely dodged it and found himself caught up in a series of blows. Ivankov's attack were so furious that the sound produced as his punches and kicks split through the air was very evident. Finally, Mayuri was able to swing his sword which lead Ivankov retreating in a distance. Mayuri never planned to go easy so he used bankai form as his sword unleashed paralyzing poison all over he place. To his surprise, Ivankov was unaffected! It was too late for him to realize that Ivankov used a certain type of hormone which made him immune to any kind of poison. Mayuri was left with no choice but to retreat but it was too late. Ivankov injected what he called fear hormone. It can make the victim fear the first thing or person he sees. The battle ended with Mayuri fearing even a picture of Ivankov.


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    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Fair match, rightful winner! This is awesome.