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This aged like milk

Updated on September 17, 2020

Just Let It Go, People

Once again Twitter is filled with angry rants about J. K. Rowling just because she revealed that Dumbledore had a sex life.

It seems like every time I turn around someone is mad at her just for existing.

The anger started when she revealed that she had always thought of Dumbledore as gay when asked if he and Minerva McGonagall had ever dated. Suddenly people were up in arms. At first it was those who "shipped" Albus and Minerva but it swiftly grew to people who felt they were missing out on representation.

What my fellow LGBTA folks forget is that at the time the Harry Potter books were published had Rowling written in an openly gay character they would've been flat out rejected. As much as we like to imagine otherwise, the 1990s were still a backwards time where you couldn't have a gay character in a children's book.

There's also just the simple fact that the books are written almost exclusively from Harry's point of view and our boy Harry is about as observant as the bumbling Watson from the Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes movies, without the mumbling. Dumbledore could've run around Hogwarts wearing rainbow colored robes, shouting "GAY WIZARD PRIDE!" at every turn and Harry would still be so obsessed with proving Snape as a bad guy he would've never noticed. In fact, Dumbledore could've been sitting in another guy's lap, passionately making out with him, and Harry still wouldn't have noticed that Dumbledore is gay.

Next reason the fair weather fans are angry is because Dumbledore doesn't "act gay" in the Fantastic Beasts movie. Nevermind the time period that this is set. Rowling herself said that the wizarding world is far more backwards than muggles when it comes to sex. There is no sex education classes of any kind at Hogwarts. The sad fact is that if Albus was openly gay no doubt some homophobic witch or wizard could get away with using Avada Kedavra, the killing curse, on him and the Ministry Of Magic wouldn't say a word. They would silently look upon it as a public service killing.

There's anger at her for having Harry name one of his sons Albus Severus. Forgetting that Snape was a spy. That he HAD to bully Gryffindors and other non-Slytherin students in order to keep up his cover. Especially Harry and Neville. If you don't realize that if Snape had so much as offered a sneezing Hufflepuff a dirty hanky that little twerp Draco would be off writing his daddy-kins a letter about it which would in turn cause every Death Eater to seek Snape out and kill him, you're dumber than an anti-vaxxer. No doubt had Snape not been killed by Nagai he would've begged Harry and Neville's forgiveness once old Moldy Voldy was defeated. Until such a day, however, he had to keep up the pretense of hating them.

Nagai I'm not touching simply because I haven't had time to see Crimes Of Grindelwald, but it was annoying how many people judged that bit without having seen the movie.

Finally, you have the Johnny Depp situation. Now he's not who I would've cast for Grindelwald, I admit. I would've cast Rufus Sewell. Then again, I would cast Rufus in a lot of movies. (He'd make a MUCH better Dr. Strange than Benedict Cumberbatch, for instance.) However, I think Johnny does an alright job. As for the abuse allegations, there's more evidence that the one doing the beating is not Johnny than people believe. But of course our sexist society refuses to accept that women can be abusers and men can be victims.

Of course, perhaps both are guilty. It doesn't change the fact there is security camera footage that shows that Heard was not injured at the time of the supposed wine glass incident, that police officers and witnesses also said they saw nothing.

Anyway, how much control do you really think Rowling has on casting? Even as rich as she might be doesn't mean she really gets a say on this. We all know how Hollywood treats writers. Anything she says in Depp's defense might be forced upon her to say.

The fact is, Rowling's done nothing wrong. Save your anger for those who deserve it - pedophiles, anti-vaxxers, Nazis, and other worthless scumbags.


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