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Updated on May 10, 2012

What is J-Pop

J-Pop isn't like our pop music. J-Pop stands for Japanese Pop-culture, AKA anything popular at the time. For music this can range from rock, techno, electronic, and what we American's consider pop music. For things like clothing, you have Lollita, Which I will do a Hub on later. You have the American style, you have punk, Demi-goths, and so on.

Some J-Pop information

Currently the most popular thing in Japan for people of the younger generation is Anime, Manga, Lollita, and cosplay. For some Otaku's out there this also goes for them. For those readers who do not know what an Otaku is, here is a general definition. Someone obsessed with anime/manga.

Music is hard to single down to a single popularity, so for now we will say that all the newer music in japan is popular.

J-Pop can stretch all the way to technology, certain headphones, phones, music players, games and such not can all hold a certain amount of popularity.

In Japan Kawaii things are the most popular items to the female members of the nation. These things can be Hello Kitty toys, Domo-Kun, Plushies, ect.

The video above is an example of something that can be considered Kawaii. What makes it so, the singer's voice, the outfits in the video, and the music. Plus the singer herself is cute. This draws people to it, not just females but males as well, not like they would admit it though.


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